Thursday, November 11, 2010

Overcoming Delaware's Liberal Media Bias

Let's face it, the media in Delaware is overwhelming liberal and biased against the conservative message.  From the ultra-liberal News Journal to the surrounding Philadelphia CBS, NBC, and ABC network affiliates, the conservative message is being ignored.  So what do we do about it?  Let's analyze this by county.

New Castle County

New Castle county is the northernmost county, and Delaware's most populated county.  With this comes awesome opportunity to spread the conservative message.  But with Wilmington, the state's business capitol just 35 miles from Philadelphia, the message is drowned out by the liberal Philadelphia media market. Whether is the three major network affiliates, or the Philadelphia Inquirer, the message is continually liberal to the dismay and frustration of Delaware conservatives.

Adding insult to injury, the News Journal, based in New Castle is a bastion of ultra-liberal propaganda.  During the 2010 election cycle, no conservative candidates got fair press by the News Journal.  And sadly, there is no other newspaper alternative in New Castle County.  The News Journal is the state's largest newspaper with a circulation of 91,000 and scores more online at

New Castle county is home to two talk radio stations - WDEL and WILM.  WILM 1450-AM does simulcast conservative pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Michael Savage.  WDEL 1150-AM is home to more home-grown local talk radio pundits such as Rick Jensen and Alan Loudell.  While WILM simulcasts national conservative radio talk shows, WDEL's local flair and reach is traditionally liberal to disadvantage of New Castle county conservative listeners.

Kent County

Kent County is the next southern county in Delaware, and is home to the state's political capitol, Dover.  With the exception of Dover, Kent County is traditionally rural with sprawling farmland.

Dover's only newspapers The Delaware State News and Dover Post, each with relatively small circulation are conservative friendly.  The Dover Post has a circulation of 26,000, while the Delaware State News has a small circulation of 15,000. 

Kent County only has one TV affiliate WBOC a FOX affiliate out of Salisbury, MD.  There are no talk radio stations in Kent County.

Sussex County

Sussex County is the southernmost county in Delaware, and home to beach resorts.  It's largest city is Georgetown.  Like Kent County, the county is mostly rural and home to a large retiree population thank to the relaxing nearby beach resorts.  Unlike New Castle county, Sussex is far more conservative.

There two newspapers in Sussex County.  The Sussex Post is the largest with a population of 20,000 and dwarfs the Sussex Countian with a readership of 3,000.

Sussex County has one talk radio station, WGMD 92.7 FM that is pretty conservative with iconic hosts such as Bill Colley and Dan Gaffney.

Television news in Sussex comes from the WBOC, the Fox affiliate in Salisbury and major network affiliates in Baltimore, MD.

Overcoming the Liberal Media Bias in Delaware

Unless there is a rich investor in Delaware (or outside Delaware) creating a new conservative traditional media outlet (TV, radio, or newspaper) is probably out of the question. So how can we overcome this media outlet with limited financial resources?

Internet radio.  Setting up Internet radio that can be simulcast or podcasted throughout the state is the most cost-effective method of getting the conservative message out to Delawareans.  Leveraging social media networks such as blogs (including this one), Twitter and Facebook can amplify those podcasts to make them viral.

Public Access Television.  Hosting a conservative forum or TV talk show can be an excellent way to overcome the liberal media bias.  Other than any costs to produce the show (video production), airtime costs on public access television are very affordable.  Videos of these forums or shows can also be uploaded on YouTube or Vimeo and made viral via social networking sites.

Other Conservative Newspapers.  There are several local and national conservative newspapers that you should read, and encourage others to read.  Cancel that News Journal subscription and read these:

Social Networking.  Leverage your thoughts on the conservative message or topics du jour on blogs, Twitter and Facebook.  Share your thoughts and news that interest you with your friends and family that you are connected with.


  1. It looks like you perused my post over at and outlined them in the above post regarding PATV, Social Media, blogs, et al. Hmmm.

  2. I agree with you that in the republican party, one size does not fit all.
    We have made the conservative voice of the republican party heard. and they heard us again when The Sussex County Committee censured Delaware GOP Chairman Tom Ross.
    It is not over yet, they have not yet received the message, or they didn't understand the message.

  3. They did not get the message. Castle is still in the wings propping up Tom Kovach for the special election. No name ID, no issues just tired ole Mike Castle holding him up.

  4. The Cape Gazette is a real cry baby liberal paper.

  5. The Cape Gazette is totally a leftist rag. Yellow journalism is alive and well in their anti-police, leftist race-baiting articles. Their "editorial policy" allows them to edit stories to remove information that doesn't suit their intolerant agenda.