Sunday, October 31, 2010

O’Donnell 30-Minute Television Ad to Air Tonight

Wilmington, DE – The Senate campaign of Christine O’Donnell will air a 30-minute televised special tonight at 11:30 p.m. on Delaware Cable Channel 28 and on  Campaign spokesman Doug Sachtleben released the following statement about this special broadcast:

“Every day during this campaign, Christine has talked with Delawareans who are weighing the issues and deciding how they’ll vote on Tuesday. Tonight, we want to show you some of those conversations and take you behind-the-scenes of our campaign.

“Tune in for the compelling stories of your neighbors; the households, business people, and farmers who will face the brutal reality of higher taxes and dramatically increased utility bills if Chris Coons is elected. You’ll also see why Christine is surging in the polls just as Election Day approaches.

“If you only know Christine O’Donnell from the distortions of the mainstream media, you need to watch this television special for an unfiltered look at who she is and where she stands on the issues that matter to Delaware’s voters.”

The Christine O’Donnell special will air on Delaware 28, cable TV in New Castle County at 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, October 31, and again at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Monday, November 1 and Tuesday, November 2. It will also air on WBOC, times to be determined.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Universal Condemnation of Gawker Post against Christine O'Donnell

Thanks to a Gawker post, both Democrats and Republicans are supporting Christine O'Donnell.

NOW and Huffington Post say the Gawker post which is sexually explicit hit a new low, and demeans women.  Have the Democrats hit a new low?  Will they lose the women vote in 2010?

Great article here showing the universal condemnation of the Gawker post.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

WDEL, Rick Jensen: Another Cog of the Liberal Delaware Media

Delmarva Broadcasting Company, WDEL and its Rick Jensen have entered the foray of rubberstamping the liberal agenda.  They are no better than MSNBC, CNN, NPR, etc.

Rick Jensen attempts to discredit Christine O'Donnell by asking her questions about New Castle County Budget.  Sorry Rick, but Christine O'Donnell is not running for New Castle County Council, New Castle County President or Chris Coons' job which is New Castle County Executive.

Rather than using valuable air time to allow the voters to hear about Christine's proposals for U.S. Senate, Rick Jensen asks what she would do to reign in the budget shortfalls of the New Castle County government, of which Chris Coons is responsible for. 

Rick Jensen knows that Christine is not running for any office in New Castle County government and he just wanted to embarrass her.

Sorry Rick, but you attempt is so blatantly obvious those with half a brain know what your goal of that question was.

Feel free to watch the video here.

Delaware voters are smarter that Rick, and know that Christine O'Donnell is not running for any elective office in New Castle government.  Please ignore Rick as he is only interested in himself.

We're Smarter Than They Are

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please Support This Great Delaware Small Business

The Delaware Lawn & Tree Service, Inc, and Flower Shop located at Routes 7 & 71 in Bear, DE is a great Delaware small business.  Built with their own hands, this business understands that small businesses are the backbone of our local, state and national economies.

Please stop by.  Also visit them online at and

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Election 2010: How Federal and State Candidates Fare on Values Voters Issues

Yesterday, the News Journal published an article that the the clout of the values voters will be tested in the upcoming election.  Well, if the tea leaves are correct - it will be the values voters that will enthusiastically go to the polls and cast their vote.

Much buzz has been made because of the Tea Party win that propelled Christine O'Donnell and Glen Urquhart to victory in the GOP Primary in September.  That victory was for the soul of the party to carry the banner for November.

Here we are, a week away from finding out who will go to Washington.  Will it be Christine O'Donnell and Glen Urquhart (or Brent Wangen), who will carry the banner of values voters, or will it be Chris Coons or John Carney?

Despite the economic woes of the State and nation, social issues are just as important.  Even hot campaign issues such as as cap-and-trade are vital to the the values voter.  Just as ending taxpayer abortion funding; supporting the Defense of Marriage Act and a ban on gambling.

Last week, the Delaware Family Policy Council (, published its 2010 General Election Voter Scorecard.  The scorecard ranks candidates on both federal races and for both chambers of the Delaware General Assembly.

The Federal Races

Candidates for both the U.S. Senate and U.S. House were graded based on a questionnaire by the Delaware Family Policy Council on values voter issues.  The questionnaire for the federal races included the following questions:

1. Eliminate tax payer funded abortions?
2. ENDA: Employment Non-Discrimination Act which makes sexual preference/self-identified transgender, bisexuals and homosexuals as well as gender express, a protected class. This bill positions religious liberties against sexual liberty, making deeply held religious beliefs about the issue to be discriminatory. Protect religious liberties from threat created by ENDA?
3. Fund abstinence education?
4. Support the Defense of Marriage Act?
5. Repeal the Health Care Reform Bill?
6. Support Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?
7. Support the ban on internet gambling?
8. Support the Parental Rights Amendment?

The Federal Scorecard Results

In the U.S. Senate race, Christine O'Donnell (R) scored an A, while her Democratic opponent Chris Coons scored an F on protecting Delaware's families.  Indepenent Glenn Miller scored a B.

In the U.S. Congressional race, Glen Urquhart (R) scored an A, while his Democratic John Carney scored an F on protecting Delaware's families.  Independent Earl Lofland scored a B, and Libertarian Brent Wangen scored a C.

Delaware General Assembly Races

The Delaware Family Policy Council also submitted questionnaires to the candidates for Delaware House and and Delaware Senate.  The questionnaire for the General Assembly races consisted of:

1. Freedom from Federal Health Care Reform
insurance mandates?
2. Protecting families from “gender identity or
expression” legislation which threatens
religious liberties and allows men access to
public accommodations assigned to women?
3. Defining marriage as being between one Man
and one Woman in Delaware’s Constitution?
4. Rejects the anti-family position that one
man, one woman marriage is discriminatory?
5. Parents’ have the right to know what is
being taught in the classroom & to opt their
child out?
6. Protect families from new gambling
7. Support the right to have a deeply held
religious belief about marriage without
threat of liability?
8. Eliminating Sports betting and table games?
9. Freedom of speech for educators, counselors
and prayer vigil anttendees near abortion
10. Eliminating abortion funding in Delaware?
11. Equality in funding and access for private
school students seeking driver’s education?

Terry Spence, Republican candidate for DE House (18th District), and Representative Dave Wilson, Republican (35th District) were the only only two Delaware House candidates to have a perfect score.

Please check the DFPC web site for their scorecard, so you can make an informed decision to protect Delaware's families.

Monday, October 25, 2010

John Carney's Immigration Faux Pas

In an interview with the News Journal staff that was published online, John Carney appears to be advocating amnesty for undocumented workers.  Clearly, John Carney cannot be serious.

Let's not confuse a guest worker program, similar to what President Bush advocated for, in which the undocumented worker admits to wrong doing, pays a nominal fine, pays taxes and into entitlement programs and is put at the back of the line for a path to citizenship.

John Carney at 28:42 of this video does not advocate that.

John Carney clearly advocates a direct path to citizenship in which this unfair and unjust to those that are already in line to a path in citizenship, who came to this country legally.

Is New Castle County the Next Greece?

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate and current New Castle County Executive Chris Coons says the financial health of New Castle County is "fine".  But is it?

Let's take a look at the County's own General Cash Flow Statement, found here, or here embedded:

Starting in 2005, when Chris Coons got the keys to the County, he started out with a Available Financial Reserve balance of $112.4 Million.  In FY2005, the New Castle County government had total revenues of $142.7 Million, and total expenditures of $168.3 Million.  The budget shortfall for FY2005 was $25.6 Million and this caused the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2005 to drop to $86.8 Million.

In FY2006, the New Castle County government had total revenues of $155.1 Million, and total expenditures of $156.9 Million.  The budget shortfall for FY2006 was $1.8 Million and this caused the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2006 to drop to $85.0 Million.

In FY2007, the New Castle County government had total revenues of $153.8 Million, and total expenditures of $162.7 Million.  The budget shortfall for FY2007 was $8.9 Million and this caused the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2007 to drop to $76.1 Million.

In FY2008, the New Castle County government had total revenues of $164.0 Million, and total expenditures of $166.6 Million.  The budget shortfall for FY2008 was $2.6 Million and this caused the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2008 to drop to $73.5 Million.

In FY2009, the New Castle County government had total revenues of $144.1 Million, and total expenditures of $169.2 Million.  The budget shortfall for FY2009 was $25.1 Million and this caused the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2009 to drop to $48.4 Million.

In FY2010, the New Castle County government had total revenues of $167.2 Million, and total expenditures of $166.2 Million.  The budget surplus for FY2010 was $1.0 Million and this caused the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2005 to increase to $49.4 Million.

In FY2011, the New Castle County government projects total revenues of $161.1 Million, and total expenditures of $165.7 Million.  The budget shortfall projected for FY2011 was $4.6 Million and New Castle County government projects the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2011 to drop to $44.8 Million.

In FY2012, the New Castle County government projects total revenues of $164.3 Million, and total expenditures of $176.3 Million.  The budget shortfall projected for FY2012 was $12.0 Million and New Castle County government projects the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2012 to drop to $32.8 Million.

In FY2013, the New Castle County government projects total revenues of $167.4 Million, and total expenditures of $182.3 Million.  The budget shortfall projected for FY2013 was $14.9 Million and New Castle County government projects the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2013 to drop to $17.9 Million.

In FY2014, the New Castle County government projects total revenues of $170.6 Million, and total expenditures of $186.4 Million.  The budget shortfall projected for FY2014 was $15.8 Million and New Castle County government projects the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2014 to drop to $2.1 Million.

In FY2015, the New Castle County government projects total revenues of $173.7 Million, and total expenditures of $192.9 Million.  The budget shortfall projected for FY2015 was $19.2 Million and New Castle County government projects the Available Financial Reserve Balance for FY2015 to drop to a staggering reserve loss of -$17.1 Million.

Let's take a look at this graphically in a Blue Hen Conservative created chart off of the data provided by New Castle County government:

The two descending lines of the chart represent the financial reserves.  The blue line is the beginning financial reserve balance for each Fiscal Year starting in FY2005, and ending in FY2015.  The purple line represents the ending fiscal  reserve balance.

The two ascending lines represent the reserves and expenditures.  As you see both are growing.  But despite increased revenues, expenditures outpace revenues.  Hence the budget shortfalls in FY2005-FY2009, and  and projected shortfalls in FY2011 through FY2015.

While New Castle County government may have a AAA bond rating as of October 2010, it may not for long.  Surely, New Castle County government financial reserve accounts are hemorrhaging cash at a rampant rate.  And this all considered that the county forced the taxpayers of New Castle County higher taxes in 2006, 2007 and 2009.  So what did New Castle County do with the 5% tax increase in 2006, 17.5% tax increase in 2007 and 25% tax increase in 2009?  They are spending it.  This proves that New Castle County has a spending problem, and despite Chris Coons' claims - he is not a fiscal conservative.

The only thing that is certain is the County will ask the taxpayers to pony up again because of its fiscal recklessness.  New Castle County government faces a bleak future that may also require cuts in government services just to stay afloat.

Doctors Groups Says Christine O'Donnell Best Choice for Meaningful Health Care Reform

Yesterday, the Doctors for Christine O'Donnell held a press conference asking all medical professionals in the State of Delaware to unite behind Christine O'Donnell who will fight to defund, and repeal Obamacare. The group of physicans from all across the state of Delaware also support, along with Christine that meaningful marketplace-based health reform is needed to address the rising health care costs in the United States.  

Christine has vowed to fight for:  medical malpractice tort reform, increased competition across state lines (comparable to auto and homeowners insurance), and medical savings accounts.

Here is the letter sent by the Doctors for Christine O'Donnell to all members of the Medical Society of Delaware:

Doctors for Christine O'Donnell

Dear Colleague:

This letter is written in support of the candidacy of Christine O’Donnell, candidate for the United States Senate Seat from Delaware.  As Delaware Physicians, we have experienced, as have our patients, the effects of changes in our nation’s health care policy.  None, however, will be as far-reaching as those anticipated as a result of the recently enacted Health Care Bill.  Patients, insurance companies, and physicians are already experiencing some of the cost shifting, service reductions, and special waivers granted by the current administration in Washington, DC.

Christine O’Donnell surprised many when she won the support of Delaware voters in the recent Republican primary election here in Delaware.  It certainly appears that she is regarded as the Republican candidate more likely to work responsibly to curb and control government spending and waste, repeal and replace the Health Care Bill, attract new business leaders to our state, and lower taxation for employees and businesses.  All of these initiatives may be seen as supportive to the efforts of physicians, families, and businesses in Delaware.  As United States Senator from Delaware, she will work to support medical liability tort reform which will treat patients and physicians fairly and discourage frivolous lawsuits; discourage third party interference in the physician-patient relationship; and repeal and replace the current Health Care Bill in favor of a new bill with realistic solutions to reduce cost and increase access to care for our patients.

With the elections just a few weeks away, I would ask you to consider the events that have shaped the preceding two years with regard to public and health policy in our nation, as well as our present economic status and the national mood.  Continued blame of the Bush administration for the events leading up to the 2008 recession, inability of the current administration to increase employment for our citizens despite the injection of over a trillion dollars into the national economy, the dubious circumstances around which the Health Care Bill was passed and is being implemented, inaction regarding preservation of the Bush tax cuts for all Americans, continued slumping housing sales and increasing mortgage foreclosures, decreasing support for manufacturing and other jobs such that companies continue to leave our country in record numbers, an alarming increase in the national debt which continues unabated, inability or unwillingness in Congress to vote on a national budget, a continuing rise in the population residing in our country illegally, as well as issues related to what our children are learning in schools and increasing government encroachment into our daily lives…solutions to these problems require a compassionate, common-sense conservative approach.

I believe that Christine O’Donnell will work hard on our behalf to incentivize job creation and to preserve lower taxation for working families and businesses, that she will work to repeal and replace unfavorable or discriminatory portions of the Health Care Bill, and that she will represent with clarity and integrity the values upon which our nation was founded.  We hope to count on your support in November.  If you are uncertain about casting your vote, please consider that a vote for the Democratic senatorial candidate will decrease the opportunity for the Republican Party to overturn the current majority in the House and Senate.  We simply cannot afford to let that happen.

We hope you will support Christine O’Donnell, Republican candidate for United States Senate, with your vote on November 2, 2010 so that she may represent us in Washington, DC and begin the process of returning America to its citizens.  Please visit her website at

Bryan McCarthy, DO          Parviz Sorouri, MD          Beth Duncan, MD MBA          Ken Hollingsworth, MD      
Chris Casscells, MD
Delaware Physicians for Christine O’Donnell

Sunday, October 24, 2010

TRENDING: Christine O'Donnell within six points!


The Tea Party Express poll just released that Christine O'Donnell is closing the gap on Chris Coons.  Christine is now within six (6) points of Coons.

Stunning news to report today, fellow patriots.  A brand new poll has Christine O'Donnell surging to within 6% of her Democrat challenger, Chris Coons.
This late-in-the-campaign surge replicates her surge in the polls in the GOP primary, when everyone had written her off and said she could never win.

She proved the so-called "experts" wrong before and she seems poised to do so again!

Remember, it was the TPE polls that helped propel Christine O'Donnell to victory over Mike Castle.  This is going to be a horse race!

Chris Coons' Growing Unemployment Problem

If Chris Coons was such a great leader then why does the New Castle have the highest unemployment rate amongst the other three counties?

But the unemployment picture is worse given that in 2009, unemployment was 8.1; 4.9 in 2008 and and 3.5 in 2007.  Clearly, New Castle County's job losses are getting worse each year.  Take a look at this graph, courtesy of the Delaware Department of Labor:

Compared to Kent County, which has 8.3%, and Sussex which registers at 7.7; New Castle County comes in at 8.4%.  New Castle County may have a larger population, but the county also has more employers for workers to see employment.  And that paints a bleak picture compared to the rose-colored glasses Chris Coons uses in stump speeches all across the state.

BREAKING NEWS: Coons Goons Trespass, Assault Three O'Donnell Staffers

Several supporters of Chris Coons, the Delaware Democratic U.S. Senate candidate did it again.  As you enter the Glasgow Medical Center on Glasgow Avenue in Bear, DE, Coons supporters started out by holding a peaceful protest.

But, while leading doctors from across the state held a press conference with Christine O'Donnell, two Coons  disrupted the press conference and were asked to leave.  By way of disrupting the press conference which was held in a conference room inside the Glasgow Medical Center, the Coons supporters trespassed on that property since they were not seeking medical care.

It was reported that they were asked to leave, but re-entered the building defying orders from security guards and possibly even Delaware State Police.

One Christine O'Donnell staffer is suffering from a head pain as she was shoved into a wall.  Two other staffers were also shoved, but their injuries are not known at this time.

This story is developing, and we will have more updates as they become available.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Delaware Family Policy Council releases Voter Scorecard

The Delaware Family Policy Council released its 2010 General Election Voter Scorecard today.  Please download the scorecard here.

Please spread this like wildfire!  If you use Facebook and Twitter, please feel free to use the share links below this post to spread under your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fmr. Gov. Pete Du Pont on Delaware's Decision

Delaware's Decision
A report from the Coons-O'Donnell debate.
Newark, Del.

Everyone in this state knew that Rep. Mike Castle was going to be our next U.S. senator. He had served as a state legislator, lieutenant governor (during my second term as governor), governor and nine-term congressman. He was well ahead in the primary and general-election polls. But in the Republican primary on Sept. 14, Christine O'Donnell won by a bit more than 3,500 votes.

As everyone in Delaware also knew, New Castle County Executive Chris Coons, the Democratic Party's Senate candidate, had no chance of beating Mr. Castle. But he was quickly some 15 points ahead of Ms. O'Donnell.

Coons and O'Donnell: Delaware voters have a real choice.
So last week I attended two O'Donnell-Coons debates and saw a campaign that could determine which party will be in the Senate majority. Mr. Coons has been elected three times to New Castle County office; Ms. O'Donnell has not won an election, though this is her third Senate run. But she has raised more campaign money--$3.8 million to his $1.3 million in their Sept. 30 reports. He is a real liberal, and she is a real conservative. President Obama came to town for Mr. Coons on Friday, and it seems likely Sarah Palin will likely be here for Ms. O'Donnell at the end of October, just before the election.

The debates showed that public policy positions of the two candidates are real, substantive and very different. The University of Delaware debate was run by CNN's Wolf Blitzer, who said when it ended that Ms. O'Donnell was the overall winner because "she didn't come across as just a weirdo or anything like that."

When Mr. Blitzer asked Mr. Coons, "Did you increase taxes as the county executive?" Mr. Coons ducked the question. But he did in fact increase property taxes in New Castle County, by 48%. And his website says "High-Income Bush Tax Cuts Should Expire on Schedule," so he would raise federal tax rates, too. In the debate, Mr. Coons said that "every increased tax cut, every extension that's given is going to cost, it's going to increase the deficit."

In truth, Delaware's state income tax rate reductions in the 1970s through the '90s--cutting them in half, and then again in half--increased income-tax receipts by more than 300%. The 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts--the ones that will expire Jan. 1 unless Congress acts--also raised receipts, by $608 billion over four years. Lower tax rates have proved to be good for America, and higher tax rates would hurt it. Ms. O'Donnell would vote not to raise the Bush tax rates and also proposes a two-year tax holiday on capital gains to encourage reinvestment in business. She would also eliminate the death tax that goes up in January.

Mr. Coons also favors "a nationwide cap-and-trade program" so that government would regulate and tax our energy consumption and use. Such a bill passed the House last year on a 219-212 vote, and it contained substantial government regulation of our economy--on energy, wages, imported goods, corporations, states, cities, buildings, houses and so on. It would also allow the government to impose tariffs on foreign goods from nations that did not sign on to global warming control. Ms. O'Donnell opposes it: "Nobody wants this bill. This bill is a national energy tax that will ration energy use and increase our utility bills." She is right. It would mean a huge government takeover of the economy.

On health care, they differ too. Mr. Coons admitted ObamaCare is "not perfect. There are problems with it." But he insisted it "was a critical piece of legislation" that should not be repealed. Ms. O'Donnell argues that "we were promised that [the law] would make more people insured," but points out "recent CBO reports say it is not" having that effect. We were promised it would mean that "health care costs would be lowered. It hasn't. It has increased health care costs." She worries that the government can now say "what kind of treatment a doctor can and can't do" and "what kind it will fund." She favors repeal and then the enactment of real reform. And she favors an important health-care change: allowing health care policies to be purchased across state lines, which would lower costs by introducing competition

On immigration, they are in some agreement. Both believe that securing our borders should be a top priority, but Mr. Coons favors a "path towards legal residence" for those here illegally who "do not commit further crimes."

On the controversial issue of "don't ask, don't tell," Mr. Coons says that repealing it "is an important next step in the civil rights movement," and he would "move swiftly" to do so. Ms. O'Donnell's view: "It's up to the military to set the policy that the military believes is in the best interest of unit cohesiveness and military readiness."

They both agree that offshore drilling should not be permitted off the coast of Delaware, and that whether the mosque should be built on Ground Zero in New York city is up to the local authorities.

Finally, in any election there is a lot of colorful but irrelevant political stuff. In college Mr. Coons labeled himself a "bearded Marxist," and Ms. O'Donnell long ago said she had "dabbled into witchcraft" while in high school.

On Election Day the question is: Who will help correct the negative policies that have hurt our nation over the past few years? One of the candidates supports almost all of them; the other favors policies that would make us more successful in the future. Two weeks from now we have a very important election in America's First State that could change the direction of our country.

This article originally appeared in the Wall Street Journal.  The link is here.

Road to Prosperity Rally

This Saturday (October 23rd), two candidates will unite to host a Road to Prosperity Rally.  U.S. Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell and Delaware State House candidate James Van Houten (R-15) are taking Bear, Delaware by storm to promote prosperity and opportunity.

WHEN:  Saturday, October 23, 2010  1:00 PM

WHERE:  1756 Bear-Corbitt Road, Bear, DE 19701
(Corners of Rte 7 & 71 next to Red Lion Methodist Church)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Positive Growth Alliance Releases Voter Guide

The Positive Growth Alliance, a Delaware based non-profit group that focuses on real economic growth has released their 2010 Delaware General Assembly Voter Guide.  The guide can be found here:

The guide rates incumbents of both chambers of the Delaware General Assembly on various bills that impact the economy.  Senate members were ranked on 30 bills, while House members were ranked on 28 bills.  The bills that were subject to ranking are listed on page four (4) of the URL/link above.

Here is the break down of the Senate:

5TH Senate District – Cathy Cloutier (R), Wilmington
30 total votes – 16 yes, 14 no – voted 47% of the time to benefit the economy
Cathy Cloutier's positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Cathy Cloutier.

7th Senate District – Patty Blevins (D), Elsmere
30 total votes – 30 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Fred Cullis (R) is challenging Patty Blevins.  Visit to learn more about Fred Cullis.  Vote for Fred Cullis on November 2nd.

8th Senate District – David Sokola (D), Newark
30 total votes – 30 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Louis Saindon (R) is challenging David Sokola.  Visit to learn more about Louis Saindon.  Vote for Louis Saindon on November 2nd.

9th Senate District – Karen Peterson (D), Wilmington
30 total votes – 29 yes, 1 no = voted 3% of the time to benefit the economy
Robert Johnston (R) is challenging Karen Peterson.  Vote for Robert Johnston on November 2nd.

14th Senate District – Bruce Ennis (D), Smyrna
29 total votes – 28 yes, 1 no = voted 3% of the time to benefit the economy
John Moritz (R) is challenging Bruce Ennis.  Visit to learn more about John Moritz.  Vote for John Moritz on November 2nd.

15th Senate District – Nancy Cook (D), Clayton
30 total votes – 30 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Dave Lawson (R) is challenging Nancy Cook.  Visit to learn more about Dave Lawson.  Vote for Dave Lawson on November 2nd.

16th Senate District – Colin Bonini (R), Camden-Wyoming
27 total votes – 2 yes, 25 no = voted 93% of the time to benefit the economy
Note:  Colin Bonini is running for Delaware State Treasurer.  His track record makes him an excellent candidate for that race.  This seat is not up for election in 2010.

Here is a break down of the House:

3rd Representative District – Helene Keeley (D), Wilmington
28 total votes – 28 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
There is no Republican or Libertarian challenger for this office in 2010.

4th Representative District – Gerald Brady (D), Wilmington
28 total votes – 26 yes, 2 no = voted 7% of the time to benefit the economy
Richard 'Rick' Carroll (R) is challenging Gerald Brady.  Visit to learn more about Rick Carroll.  Vote Rick Carroll on November 2nd.

6th Representative District – Tom Kovach (R), Wilmington
27 total votes – 10 yes, 17 no = voted 63% of the time to benefit the economy
Tom Kovach's positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Tom Kovach.

7th Representative District – Bryon Short (D), Wilmington
28 total votes – 27 yes, 1 no = voted 4% of the time to benefit the economy
Judy Travis (R) is challenging Bryon Short.  Visit to learn more about Judy Travis.  Vote for Judy Travis on November 2nd.

8th Representative District – Quinton Johnson (D), Middletown
28 total votes – 28 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Kate Rokosz (R) is challenging Quinton Johnson.  Visit to learn more about Kate Rokosz.  Vote for Kate Rokosz on November 2nd.

10th Representative District – Dennis E. Williams (D), Wilmington
28 total votes – 28 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Robert Rhodunda (R) is challenging Dennis E. Williams.  Visit to learn more about Robert.  Vote Robert Rhodunda on November 2nd.

11th Representative District – Greg Lavelle (R), Wilmington
25 total votes – 8 yes, 17 no = voted 68% of the time to benefit the economy
Greg Lavelle's positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Greg Lavelle.

12th Representative District – Deborah Hudson (R), Wilmington
28 total votes – 8 yes, 20 no = voted 71% of the time to benefit the economy
Deborah Hudson's positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Deborah Hudson.
13th Representative District – John Mitchell (D), Wilmington
27 total votes – 27 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
There are no Republican or Libertarian challenger for this seat.

14th Representative District – Pete Schwartzkopf (D), Rehoboth Beach
27 total votes – 26 votes yes, 1 vote no = voted 4% of the time to benefit the economy
Chris Weeks (R) is challenging Pete Schwartzkopf.  Visit  to learn more about Chris.  Vote Chris Weeks on November 2nd.

15th Representative District – Valerie Longhurst (D), Bear
28 total votes – 27 yes, 1 no = voted 4% of the time to benefit the economy
James Van Houten is challenging Valerie Longhurst.  Visit to learn more about Jim.  Vote James Van Houten on November 2nd.

18th Representative District – Michael Barbieri (D), Newark
28 total votes – 28 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Terry Spence (R) is challenging Michael Barbieri.  Visit to learn more about Terry.  Vote Terry Spence on November 2nd.

19th Representative District – Robert Gilligan (D), Wilmington
28 total votes – 28 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Vincent Ruff is challenging Robert Gilligan. 

20th Representative District – Nick Manolakos (R), Wilmington
26 total votes – 8 yes, 18 no = voted 69% of the time to benefit the economy
Nick Manolakos' positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Nick Manolakos.

22nd Representative District – Joe Miro (R), Newark
24 total votes – 10 yes, 14 no = voted 58% of the time to benefit the economy
Joe Miro's positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Joe Miro.

23rd Representative District – Teresa Schooley (D), Newark
26 total votes – 26 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Bill Stritzinger (R) is challenging Teresa Schooley.  Visit for more information on Bill.  Vote Bill Stritzinger on November 2nd.

25th Representative District – John Kowalko (D), Newark
28 total votes – 28 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Gordon Winegar (R) is challenging John Kowalko.  Visit for more information on Gordon.  Vote Gordon Winegar on November 2nd.

26th Representative District – John Viola (D), Newark
26 total votes – 25 yes, 1 no = voted 4% of the time to benefit the economy
There are no Republican or Libertarian challengers for this seat.

27th Representative District – Earl Jacques (D), Newark
28 total votes – 28 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Jay Galloway (R) is challenging Earl Jacques.  Visit for more information on Jay.  Vote Jay Galloway on November 2nd.

28th Representative District – William Carson (D), Smyrna
28 total votes – 25 yes, 3 no = voted 11% of the time to benefit the economy
Karen Minner (R) is challenging William Carson. 

31st Representative District – Darryl Scott (D), Dover
27 total votes – 27 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Ronald Smith (R) is challenging Daryl Scott.  Visit for information about Ron.  Vote Ron Smith on November 2nd.

32nd Representative District – Brad Bennett (D), Dover
28 total votes – 28 yes, 0 no = voted 0% of the time to benefit the economy
Beth B. Miller (R) is challenging Brad Bennett.  Visit for more information on Beth.  Vote Beth B. Miller on November 2nd.

33rd Representative District – Bob Walls (D), Milford
28 total votes – 26 yes, 2 no = voted 7% of the time to benefit the economy
Harold Peterman (R) is challenging Bob Walls.  Visit for more information.  Vote Harold Peterman on November 2nd.

34th Representative District – Donald Blakey (R), Dover
28 total votes – 13 yes, 15 no = voted 54% of the time to benefit the economy
Donald Blakey's positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Donald Blakey.

35th Representative District – Dave Wilson (R), Lincoln
27 total votes – 3 yes, 24 no = voted 89% of the time to benefit the economy
Dave Wilson's positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Dave Wilson.

37th Representative District – Ruth Briggs King (R), Georgetown
Only served part of 2010, not in House in 2009
8 total votes – 1 yes, 7 no = voted 88% of the time to benefit the economy
Ruth Briggs King's positions favor benefiting the economy more than her liberal opponent.  Re-elect Ruth Briggs King.

41st Representative District – John Atkins (D), Millsboro
26 total votes – 23 yes, 3 no = voted 12% of the time to benefit the economy
Gregory Hastings is challenging John Atkins.  Visit for more information. Vote Gregory Hastings on November 2nd.

Delaware Physicians Assail Coons for Refusal to Cap Malpractice Liability

Earlier today, a local grassroots physicians group issued a press release in response to Chris Coons' refusal to cap medical liability. The group of local physicians and surgeons strongly feel that the capping malpractice liability insurance is vital to reigning in health care costs.  The group also rejects Coon's assertion that just because the American Medical Associations endorses ObamaCare, that they represent ALL doctors.

Here is their press release that was issued today:

October 19, 2010


For more information contact Bryan S. McCarthy, D.O.,

Delaware Physicians Take Issue with Chris Coons' Statements on Health Care

Newark, DE - Delaware Physicians for Christine O'Donnell wish to register their disagreement with Chris Coons' positions on health care as articulated in the Oct. 13 Delaware Senate debate. When asked if he would support amending the recently passed health care bill to include reforming lawsuit abuse of the malpractice insurance system by trial lawyers, Mr. Coons responded: "I don't support putting caps on liability."

We profoundly disagree with his position. The cost of "defensive medicine" is notoriously hard to quantify. Cost estimates range from as little as $45 million to as high as $100 - $200 billion. Special interest groups have funded numerous studies that downplay the cost of frivolous lawsuits and excessive awards, but those of us involved in the clinical practice of medicine have no doubt that the threat of frivolous litigation and excessive awards forces practitioners to perform many costly and medically unnecessary tests and studies.

During the debate Mr. Coons implied that because the American Medical Association (AMA) endorses the so-called Obamacare legislation, that the majority of physicians do as well. We dispute that contention entirely! Again, polling data varies. However, most polls suggest that two-thirds of U.S. physicians are in agreement with the majority of the American people and oppose this bill. It should be noted that The AMA represents less than 20 percent of physicians. Of those 20 percent represented, many do not support the position of the AMA on this issue. Our dispute is not with the AMA. However, on this issue, we differ. As a lobbying organization, the AMA stands to benefit from this legislation. We contend that patients and physicians in Delaware will not.

Very little was mentioned in the debate about the millions of dollars in cuts to Medicare that are included in the recently passed health care legislation, and how they will negatively impact access to health care by seniors. We agree with Ms. O’Donnell’s assertion that the bill will limit choices and hinder the ability of physicians to properly care for their patients free from cumbersome and harmful government interference.


Saturday, October 16, 2010

Delaware Senator Kaufman Slanders O'Donnell

In case you missed it, appointed U.S. Senator Ted Kaufman (D-DE) slandered Christine O'Donnell yesterday during the rally with President Obama and VP Joe Biden.

Kaufman introduced Democratic U.S. Chris Coons (D-DE) as "Coons the witch slayer".

Clearly, this is behavior unbecoming of a U.S. Senator.  Then again, Kaufman was never elected by the people.

The News Journal, of course published his remarks here.

O'Donnell within single digits

According to a new TCJ Research poll conducted 10/14 and 10/15, Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) is within single digits of Chris Coons (D-DE).  The poll breakdown is:

Chris Coons  50%
Christine O'Donnell 42%
Undecided 5%
Other Candidate 3%

O'Donnell is very much in reach of a win on November 2, especially if she can secure the 5% undecided vote.  This would put this race in a virtual dead heat, given there is 5% margin of error.

To view the results, click here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Analysis of the CNN Debate: Christine O'Donnell versus Chris Coons

For those that though Chris Coons would dominate this debate, given he was a two-time national debate champion Amherst College were very disappointed.  Not only did Christine O'Donnell have command of the issues, she trounced Chris Coons on major issues such as taxation, and back-room deals.

Christine was very forceful against Chris Coons on his history raising taxes on New Castle County citizens. Remember IT WAS Chris Coons who raised property taxes 48% for New Castle County homeowners.  He also raised taxes on numerous services ranging from a hotel tax, a 911 tax and a tax on call EMS from a cell phone.

The next topic was the on-going war in Afghanistan.  Coons questioned why we are there, while Christine want's us to win.  Two clearly different viewpoints on this.  Coons wants to 'cut and run; while Christine echoes Ronald Reagans plan: we win, they lose.

On Education, Christine wants school empowerment and choice, while Coons wants to throw more money to the wind.  Coons repeatedly supported Obama's Race to the Top,of  which little money gets into the classroom.

When the debate shifted to health care, Coons rubber stamps ObamaCare; while Christine supports de-funding and repeal of ObamaCare.

The last issue of the hour long moderator-led was immigration.  Surprising, Chris Coons proposes deporting immigrants who are here illegally and break laws.  Clearly a break from his idol, President Obama.  Christine supports a guest-worker program that leads to legal naturalization.

Following the one-hour long debate, University of Delaware students were allowed to ask pre-recorded questions.

The O'Donnell team responded to Coons inaccurate statements by having detailed rebuttals (facts) on  The Coons camp had no rebuttal to back up their facts.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CNN Debate: Christine O'Donnell versus Chris Coons

Here is the complete CNN debate between Christine O'Donnell (R-DE) versus Chris Coons (D-DE).

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shouldn't Delaware's Education Secretary, live in Delaware?

One would have thought that Delaware's Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery was a resident of Delaware.  I guess we were all wrong.

Just to make sure that we talking about the same person, here is Lowery's profile on the Delaware Department of Education web site.

The big question here is - are there no qualified residents of Delaware that can assume that post?  Why must that post be given to a resident of Virginia?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ronald Reagan: Don't Vote for Chris Coons

"How do you tell a Communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin." -- Ronald Reagan

 So I guess Ronald Reagan endorses Christine O'Donnell! Cool!

Conservative Delaware Coalition: Coons Aide Should Resign or Be Fired over NJ Fake Tea Party Candidate

For Immediate Release
Jason O'Neill

Common Sense Communities Soceity

Conservative Delaware Coalition Calls on Coons to Fire Aid for Planting Fake Tea Party CandidateDemands that Spevak and others in the Coons campaign Come Clean on Role 
NEWARK, DE -Oct. 11, 2010- The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, along with the Diamond State Tea Party, and Common Sense Community Societies, is planning a 4 PM press conference outside the New Castle campaign office of US Senate Candidate Chris Coons, to demand that Mr. Coons fire press aid, Marshall Spevak, for Mr. Spevak's role in planting a fake Tea Party candidate in the New Jersey 3rd Congressional District race in order to confuse voters and siphon votes away from Tea Party endorsed candidate, John Runyan.

On Friday, Jane Roh of the Courier Post linked the Campaign of NJ Congressman John Adler (D-3), and specifically Democrat operative, Marshall Spevak, to the fraudulent Tea Party candidacy of Peter DeStefano. 

Mr. DeStefano's name is scheduled to appear on the general election ballot under the banner "NJ
Tea Party."  

It is not exactly clear when the Coons campaign hired Mr. Spevak.  Mr. Coons campaign also hired two other Democrat operatives linked to the Adler campaign.

"Trouble is, while Mr. DeStefano has no ties to the Tea Party Movement, he does have strong ties to the Democrat Party, Marshall Spevak, and John Adler," said PAC New Jersey Vice President, Bill Green.  "This was an obvious ploy to confuse Tea Party voters and take votes away from Jon Runyan."

Mr. Runyan was endorsed by the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC in May, 2010, before the June 8 NJ primary.

Mr. Spevak not only circulated petitions on DeStefano's behalf, he misled Democrat signers of the petition, including Alice Max of Cherry Hill, by not telling them that they were signing for someone who was claiming to represent the Tea Party Movement.  Mr. Spevak signed the petition, himself.  Both actions appear to be in violation of NJ law.

NJ law stipulates that registered voters be told that their signature is a "...pledge to support and vote for the person named as a candidate..."

"That Marshall Spevak would go to such lengths to try to confuse voters in an attempt to win an election is downright cynical and insulting," said PAC President, Don Adams.

"We are demanding that Mr. Spevak either resign his position with the Coons campaign or be fired for his role in this scandal and that the two other Coons employees linked to the Adler campaign come clean on their roles, if any, in the hoax," said Jason O'Neill, Executive Director of Common Sense Communites.

Today's Press Conference will be held at 4PM outside the Democrat campaign office, 19 East Commons Blvd., New Castle, Delaware.

                                                                                   #  #  #

Common Sense Communities Society was formed in January, 2010 to assist federal, state and local candidates in Delaware who share the organization's commitment to limited government, fiscal responsibility, and lower taxes.

Paid for by Common Sense Communities Society.  Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.  Visit:

Christine's Opponent Chris Coons: Marxist Elitist

This week, Christine O'Donnell will come out of the gate swinging.  She will portray her opponent, career politician Chris Coons, as a Marxist elitist, a man committed to supporting the alien philosophies of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.  Like them, Coons is dedicated to the demolition of our private economy, the suppression of our fundamental liberties, and the "fundamental transformation" of our society into a nation of serfs.

Under Obama, the number of unemployed Americans has increased by 2.5 million.  The number of our people on food stamps has grown from 32.8 million to 41 million.  Mortgage foreclosures are at all-time-highs.  Economic growth is nearly non-existent.  This is the "Obama agenda," one that produces unwanted change and hopeless.  It's the same agenda Chris Coons has vowed to support.

Coons once described himself as a "bearded Marxist," although he now claims he made the remark tongue in cheek.   However, an older, but not wiser, Coons has supported Obama's reckless borrowing of money from China and Saudi Arabia.  He's backed the unsavory deal where China buys our excessive debt -- and in exchange we send them American jobs.  Coons has supported the nationalization of half the American economy -- through government takeovers of the auto industry, the banking industry, and the health care industry.  Coons also supports "cap-and-trade," the giant energy tax on all Americans that marks the beginning of the end for the private energy industry.

People who support such unwise actions are known as Marxists.  In short, with Chris Coons, the beard is gone, but the Marxism remains.  He sees no problem with over-spending, over-taxing, and over-regulating.  He has basically given up on the concept of a self-reliant society and favors instead a dependency society.

How can you help Christine O'Donnell defeat this clueless socialist, Chris Coons?  You can distribute this note to all your friends in Delaware.  Also, you can contribute to Christine at and, at the same time, volunteer to support her campaign in a variety of ways.  And, of great importance, you can -- at the web site -- join a growing number of people who will phone bank or door-knock, or both.

With your help, Christine came from behind to defeat the supposedly unbeatable Mike Castle.  Now, she's depending on you -- and others like you -- to beat Marxist elitist Chris Coons. 

'I Want Your Money' Film to Air at Midway Theater in Rehoboth

The film will start airing at the Midway Theater in Rehoboth Beach, DE beginning on Friday, October 15th for at least one week.  Go out and see it.  Remember, it's YOUR money!

Rehoboth Beach, DE, 19971

Sunday, October 10, 2010

News Journal Reporter Ginger Gibson Breaches Journalistic Integrity

For those that actually admit reading the News Journal, may not know that one of their reporters, Ginger Gibson has her own blog on the domain.  It's called Dialogue Delaware.

How can Ginger Gibson, a reported write objectively on the Delaware Senate race when she has in fact publicly endorsed Chris Coons' on her blog.  I dare you to find me one positive blog post authored by Ginger Gibson, or on her blog, Dialogue Delaware.  That URL is:

Please join this blog, Blue Hen Conservative in asking the editors of the News Journal to remove Ginger Gibson from reporting on the Delaware Senate race.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Let's Reverse the Evil Spell on Delaware

U.S. Unemployment Increases

In perhaps one of the most under-reported stories of the day, Gallup released a report that real U.S. unemployment increased to 10.1% in September.  This was an increase from 8.9% in July and 9.3% in August.

Clearly, this is not good news for the Democrats whose progressive policies are inhibiting real economic business growth. 


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Send In the Clowns

If this is not a barometer that the company you keep is an indication of who you are, I don't know what is. Later today, former Saturday Night Live comedian and (laugh) U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) will be in New Castle, DE to inject enthusiasm into Chris Coon's Senatorial campaign.

This comes two days after MSNBC host Rachel Maddow came to Newark, DE to help Chris Coons out.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Castle County Government's Financial Quagmire

Those who live in New Castle County may already know this, but for those that don't - the economic outlook for New Castle County Government is bleak. Once regarded as the economic engine for the State of Delaware, the county is on track to look more like Detroit and the surrounding suburbs. To put it simply, the county is seething in expenditures, despite higher revenue projections.

Let's break this down in plain English. In a public available report on the New Castle County web site, the County projects higher revenues in FY2010, and FY2012-2015. At the same time, the County projects higher expenditures in FY2012-2015.

Clearly, the economic picture of New Castle Government is headed into the wrong direction.

But let's flashback for a minute to when Chris Coons assumed office as New Castle County government to FY2005, most notably with the County's financial reserves.

In FY2005, the County projected to have financial reserves of $86.MM. According the report (link above), the projected fiscal reserves of New Castle County the projected financial reserves for FY2010 are $49.4MM and $44.8MM for FY2011. What's even worse, County officials project a negative $17.1MM loss to the County financial reserve account.

The question is why is are the expenditures rising in New Castle County, when the taxpayers had a net 47% tax increase in property tax revenues to the County. For disclosure, the County raises property taxes 5% in 2006, 17.5% in 2007 and another 25% in 2009.

The answer is expenditures are outpacing revenue growth. Here's why:

- Personnel expenditures are experiencing a 4% annual growth
- Non-personnel expenditures are experiencing a 2.5% annual growth
- Debt Services expenditures are up $10MM from FY2005 to FY2010 and projected to go higher.

Additional Source: New Castle Government FY2011 Comprehensive Annual Budget Summary.

It is quite evident that New Castle County government does not have its financial house in order. It is even more blatantly evident that Chris Coons has squandered the good financial standing of New Castle County government and has set it on a path for bankruptcy. We may be there just yet, but it appears to be imminent.