Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Coming New Castle County Housing Bubble

As if we did not learn the lesson following the economic meltdown in 2007-2008 related to the over-extension of credit to home buyers, Chris Coons and his Democratically controlled New Castle County Council ignore the message.  Instead of encouraging buyers to buy the already vacant inventory of homes that buyers fled as a result of the mortgage meltdown, Chris Coons & Company are pushing to have more home built.  Seriously.

In what amounts to backroom deals to strapped developers, Chris Coons & Company are incentivizing developers to build condensed housing neighborhoods with high density homes.  This initiative has been on-going since late 2008 under the name of Workforce Housing.  While this innocent sounding project seems tame, it really is not.

The development projects, many of which were submitted for smaller number of homes, have been modified for higher density of homes all in the name of reaping awards from the real estate transfer tax.  But they are being portrayed by New Castle County government as workforce friendly.   The Southern New Castle County Alliance, via its advocacy site outlines the seventeen projects and how the density changed under workforce housing provisions.   For comparison all seventeen projects were originally zoned for 2,164 homes, but later rezoned by New Castle County to build a total of 4,547 homes.  The crux of this issue is that these homes are being built with any traffic impact studies and bonds by developers to build new schools.

By far the biggest concern with these projects is that although they are to done where workers can have access to jobs and public transportation, neither exist.  In New Castle County, especially in rural Southern New Castle County, public transportation is all but non-existent.  Since all but two of the projects in the Appoquinimink School District are below the C&D canal, this would cause higher traffic density and school crowding.  Appoquinimink School District is already on pace to having to build a new school every year.  And roads in lower New Castle Country rarely are suitable for additional five thousand cars (at a minimum) on the road without having traffic impact studies done (after the homes have already built).
In agreeing to this ordinance, New Castle County Council has failed to engage the State of Delaware in ensuring that these housing developments can be accommodated on the infrastructure we currently have.   And they have shifted the burden of building new roads and schools to the State of Delaware at a cost to every Delawarean.

What the New Castle County fails to understand that while they are chasing transfer tax dollars in hopes of selling these homes, that taxpayers will be on the hook for increased taxes to cover new schools to built and run, and more roads to be built to accommodate this.  And it is that gross negligence by the members of the New Castle County Council and Chris Coons that will cause the most pain.  Clearly, they do not have the interests of the New Castle County taxpayer in mind.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

O'Donnell - Witches, Sex and Silliness

I've seen the Mainstream Media sources, from FoxNews to CNN and MSNBC spending an exorbitant amount of time covering some clips from late night nobody Bill Mahr's former show "Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahr" and from MTV (what news sources! *please note the sarcasm*). Most of these clips come from the mid - late 90's when O'Donnell was in her 20's. O'Donnell has said, when asked at a debate at a Jewish Community Center in Delaware, that the statements on sex and masturbation were made when she was in her early 20's and perhaps overly excited in her youth about her new faith. She has said that her faith has matured now and that she sees sex as a personal matter.

Her statements about witchcraft made to Bill Mahr on his show in the late 90's have recently become news after Mahr began a public blackmail campaign against O'Donnell. Mahr has said that he would release 1 tape per week until O'Donnell agrees to come on his show. Interestingly enough, Mahr and his friends John Stewart and Steven Colbert who are all good for a laugh but who can't be considered "serious" commentators are rumored to be involved in a "Million Moderate March" this October right before the November elections. Ok, I have to pause for a second to make this point, it's biased so I may lose you here but... I doubt I'll be proven wrong about this but, I can't see how Mahr, Colbert and Stewart could get 15 people in a coffee shop to all buy a cup of coffee, much less rally a million people on the mall. In fact, I predict that all three hosts are likely to draw less than 1 10th of the number of Americans who showed up at the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor Rally" on Aug. 28th in D.C. That event drew between 500,000 and 750,000 Americans from all over the country. I challenge these Three Musketeers to get even 50,000 people to slither over to their debacle on the mall.

So what does all this mean? Well, it means that the MSM and the Delaware Democrat Party either didn't get the memo or just don't get it period. My guess is that it's a little bit of both. The News Journal, specifically liberal hit piece writer Ginger Gibson, spent the majority of the campaign peddling petty garbage stories to attempt to eat away at O'Donnell's credibility. They have paid a dear price for their disgusting display of hit journalism and yet the mainstream media is all too happy to walk in the same footsteps. Perhaps MSNBC and CNN have simply lost so many viewers that the don't care any longer how many more they lose. The mainstream media often beats it's head against the wall so that is less surprising than the maneuvers that the Delaware liberal/progressive crowd have taken. Consistently peddling the narrative that Christine is flawed because she believes in God, has had the same financial problems as the majority of it's own party members and has "acted stupidly" in the past. Specifically it is interesting that the focus of late has been on her mid 90's "dabbling in witchcraft".

Let's first point out the TV series' "Charmed" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". There is also the movie "The Craft". These TV shows and movies came out in the 90's because at that time there was a LARGE sect of young people who became fascinated by these subcultures. Many of us, especially liberals, became enamoured with the characters and the romantic natures of them. So she dated a witch...well guess what folks, I played a Vampire role playing game called "Vampire: The Masquerade" for over a year. I suspect there are many others who did as well. So she experimented with other ideas. Clinton smoked pot...despite his claims the man likely STILL inhales and is suspected of womanizing with countless women and yet the left loves him. So why the hate for O'Donnell? Because, like Palin, Bachman and Haley...she's a conservative woman which means she MUST be a radical fringe right winger.

The bottom line is that just like when Mike Castle went negative on O'Donnell, the attacks from the left only draw voters to O'Donnell. The assaults are part of an old brand of politics where the idea was to see who could destroy who faster. The American people have woken up and they're looking for more than the attack politics of the past. They are looking for who has a record of supporting policies that they agree with and who has the best ideas going forward. So to Bill Mahr and his Comedy Central goons I say, have at it. Attack away. Sticks and Stones may break her bones, but words will never hurt her. And to Chris Coons and his Progressive friends, be careful when casting stones. Your homes are made of glass made in Marxist communes.

In the end I guess the election will come down to an ex-Witch vs. a Marxist.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Who is Chris Coons? - Marxism

Chris has graciously said that he would like to keep this campaign about the issues and not about smears and personal attacks. I appreciate that and I hope he continues that position. This campaign SHOULD be about the issues that Americans and Delawareans specifically, care about. It should be about how to get the economy back on track and growing, how to stop reckless spending, what role the government should have, the most effective way to stem the rising tide of healthcare costs, how to best manage our energy resources and what the tax policy ought to be. There are other important issues but these are what I hear about the most. All of these issues come down to a difference in ideology. On one side you have those who seek to continue spending, often recklessly, your tax dollars, increasing those taxes to spend more and increasing government control. On the other, you have those who understand the need for a limited government, emboldened AND restrained by the Constitution who will control spending and lighten our tax burden.

Now I said before, that Chris wants to keep this campaign about issues and I agree, it should be about issues and not a few sound bites from someone's past. We have all made mistakes...yes, even me...especially when we were young. However, there is something about Chris' past that concerns me, and many of you as well. Back in 1985, he wrote an article entitled "Chris Coons: The Making of a Bearded Marxist". When I saw this I was hoping for a satire or some sort of joke. But as J.E. Dyer from Hot Air's Green Room tells us, Coons was quite serious.

Upon returning from a trip to Kenya, Chris wrote:
“I became friends with a very wealthy [Kenyan] businessman and his family and heard them reiterate the same beliefs held by many Americans: the poor are poor because they are lazy, slovenly, uneducated,” wrote Coons. “I realize that Kenya and America are very different, but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracles of free enterprise and the boundless opportunities to be had in America were largely untrue.”

He also wrote:
“My friends now joke that something about Kenya, maybe the strange diet, or the tropical sun, changed my personality; Africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean-shaven, clear-thinking Americans and sends back bearded Marxists,”

However, it wasn't as if just the trip to Kenya aroused some deep part of Coons' questioning temporarily. Before Chris even left for Kenya, he was questioning America:
A course on cultural anthropology, noted Coons, had “undermined the accepted value of progress and the cultural superiority of the West,” while a class on the Vietnam War led him to “suspect…that the ideal of America as a ‘beacon of freedom and justice, providing hope for the world’ was not exactly based in reality.”

Although Chris does say that upon returning to Amherst for his senior year, he accepted that had "returned to loving America" despite discovering the nations faults, one must ask what faults he has determined America has. If Barack Obama, son of a Kenyan Marxist leader is any indication, our faults are many and great and the only pathway out is financial slavery and redistribution of wealth. There is reason to believe that Coons and Obama have much in common.

On September 16th, at a debate in Wilmington, Delaware, Coons reiterated his support for Obamacare as currently written and indicated that there is little going on in Washington that he would change. He also indicated his support for extending Miranda rights to terrorists. In fact, Coons sounded eerily like the "pet" that Harry Reid described him as. Coons did try to move to the center around fiscal issues but despite his polished debate skills (remember, he is a 2 time national debate champ) his record unfortunately doesn't bear out his claims. He made the obligatory reference to his TV Commercials which portray him as a fiscal conservative. Sadly, Chris has raised taxes three times ('05,'07 and '09), raided the county's reserve fund and increased water and sewer fees. He also references the corruption rampant during the Tom Gordon administration in his television commercial and suggests that he fought corruption. What Coons fails to mention is that the Democrat Gordon/Freeberry scandal took place while Coons himself was on county council. Additionally, what is not mentioned in Coons' commercials is that when Coons took office, the Gordon administration had left him with a balanced budget and a reserve surplus.

Currently, Chris Coons is presiding over his own scandal. County Council President Paul Clark is advocating for a project which he personally stands to gain from. His wife Pam Scott (liberals apparently love to keep a different name than their spouse so as to create doubt in issues like this) is a lawyer in the case. Clark has said he would recuse himself from any vote regarding the proposal but his involvement in lobbying for the case stinks. Coons has thus far not stepped in to suggest that Clark stop lobbying for the deal his wife stands to gain from. He's certainly no corruption hound.

Finally, Coons consistently calls on people to recognize that he was able to give County Council a AAA bond rating. There is truth in that statement but he doesn't tell you how Fitch Ratings gave New Castle County that rating. The fact is that Fitch only granted that bond rating to NCC because the County raided the reserve fund and decreased its value by more than 30% while Coons raised taxes 25%. The size of County government has grown every year under Coons and the budget has steadily increased. In 2009, Coons did make some cuts...he cut county employee pay by 5% and cut their benefits by 3% while the state cut worker pay even further. Meanwhile, county spending plans stayed in effect and other cuts were "avoided".

Ms. O'Donnell goes to Washington

Christine speaks, fresh off a solid showing at her first debate with Chris Coons in hostile territory. Delaware's Darling Dame sprinted down to the Values Voters Summit in D.C. for a special speaking appearance. Only days after shocking the political universe by handily beating 9 term Congressman Mike Castle who had not lost an election in his 44 year career, O'Donnell again wowed the crowd with an incredible performance. She is showing what "citizen politicians" have to offer to today's political climate. No word on if Ms. O'Donnell dropped by Senator Kauffman's office to measure the draperies.

Here's a link to the whole 2nd half of the event. I encourage you to watch the whole thing but our girl is up around the 1:30 mark. The whole speech is AWESOME!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hear me out.

The above video looks bad. I know it. My actions were probably a little over the top but there is video missing from this. Let me set the stage:

Four camera operators, men and women surround a female candidate for Senate and shove cameras in her face. They circle her like sharks around a shipwreck survivor and they refuse to move from her personal space. They follow her for 6 hours and continuously film. This includes private individual conversations with friends, family and neighbors. They refused to step back, to stop filming and to desist in their intimidation tactics despite being asked more than a dozen times. The only thing they understand is similar tactics.

I did what I felt needed to be done in order to protect a woman who was being harrassed. I can see no difference between what they did and the actions of a wife beater on the sidewalk. I reacted in defense of a woman who was in need of assistance. I would do it again although perhaps in a different way if I thought it was the only way to handle the situation. I was not violent or overly aggressive. I simply presented a different target for their attacks and used their tactics against them.

Who is Chris Coons? - Fiscal Conservatism

So, now that Christine O'Donnell has defied all odds and beaten incumbent Congressman Mike Castle to grab the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, the nation focuses on County Executive Chris Coons. Mr. Coons has spent the last few months flying inconspicuously under the radar. In fact, his name recognition outside of New Castle County is nearly zilch while Christine's is now in national headlines. That's all going to change now. Mr. Coons will have his record examined thoroughly and from initial conversations with members of all political parties, that spells problems for the current New Castle County Executive.

Chris has had his commercials running over the last 2-3 weeks and I have begun a cursory look into Mr. Coons' claims.

1.) He claims to have taken the reigns of county council steeped in corruption and debt. Interestingly, in 2005 Chris Coons said the County's finances were "fundamentally sound"

"While the county's economic health is ‘fundamentally sound,' Coons said, there's been a widening gap between expenses and revenues in the past several years. His proposals would help avoid a projected $152 million shortfall by 2009." (Angie Basiouny, "NCCo Exec Proposes Reining In Spending," The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 3/30/05)

It turns out that in 2009, The News Journal reported that Coons said "‘We're 18 Months From Being Out Of Money -- Unable To Operate, Not To Use The "B" Word,'"

"‘We're 18 Months From Being Out Of Money -- Unable To Operate, Not To Use The "B" Word,' Coons Said, In A Reference To Bankruptcy. ‘That's where we are, and it's at a time when many families are struggling, and they're looking to government to help them.'" (Jeff Montgomery, "Sobering Challenges Reflected In Speeches," The [Wilmington, DE] News Journal, 1/22/09)
Now this seems to me to be a bit of a quandary for Mr. Coons. His commercial says that he balanced the budget as County Executive, yet the County went from "fundamentally sound" to "unable to operate".

A deeper inspection reveals even more problems with his commercial. He uses the AAA bond rating of the County as proof of his fiscal conservatism but what he doesn't tell you is that he raised taxes 3 times since he took the reigns in 2005.

In 2006 Chris proposed a 5% increase in property taxes that his Democrat controlled County Council passed instead of cutting spending.

Just a year later in 2007, Coons again had to initiate a tax increase. This time the bill was blown up by 17.5%. Again, he chose to raise taxes instead of working to reduce the cost of county government.

In 2009, amidst the height of "the worst recession since the Great Depression" Chris Coons brought yet ANOTHER tax increase to his Democratically controlled County Council. The result was a 25% increase in property taxes and not a DIME cut from the budget.

In fact, the bond rating company (Fitch Ratings) that has given the County the AAA bond rating said they only did so because Coons increased takes by 25% in 2009 which made the County more stable. Between 2004 and 2009 (when Coons has been in charge) the County lost more than 30% of it's reserves. Despite his claims to have balanced the budget, New Castle County carries a debt burden of $1,639 per man, woman and child in the county.

Still think Coons is a fiscal conservative? The County's spending has increased 10% since he took over and the county budget has grown by a DRAMATIC 33%! Prior to becoming County Executive, Chris voted for every operating budget submitted by his predecessor whom he now claims to have save the county from. In 2008, as cash balances fell, Fitch Ratings put a watch on the county. That watch was a warning that downgraded the status of the county finances from "stable" to "negative". Coons' answer? Not cutting spending on rapidly accelerating union worker costs, not working to slash and cut budget line items that the county couldn't afford. No, his answer was to raise taxes by 25%.

This is NOT the resume of a fiscal conservative.

O'Donnell wins - Party Bails

Well, at least the NRSC bailed. The problem is that O'Donnell won the nomination (as Dana Perino said) "running away with it" in the Republican Party. Many of Christine's supporters were Independents who had already walked away from the Republican Party. I have spoken to dozens of Democrats in Delaware and they have told me that Chris Coons is not the icon they want to bill him as. I laid out the case for why Christine can win last weekend. You can see that here.

*Update* The NRSC has backtracked and said if support comes to Christine, they will also support her. Thank you NRSC. Thank you for being pragmatic and for seeing that the people have spoken. We look forward to working with you in the future. *New Update* AS of 12:00PM today, the NRSC has decided to support Christine and has donated the maximum amount allowed. This means Christine has added $42,000 to her campaign war chest in her head to head battle with New Castle County Executive Chris Coons. Thank you NRSC for your thoughtfulness and sincerity.

Now the question is, will the state party work with Christine. Castle has said he will not endorse her but perhaps that will heal over time as well. Anyone who knows Mike knows that he is a kind man but also a proud man. Last night the voters rejected him for the first time in his life. The campaign was brutal and things were said about him that no one in the campaign or who support the campaign condone. Congressman, let me make this plain and clear, I NEVER condoned the 3rd party who suggested that you had an affair. I was one of the first to publicly denounce that video live on the air with Rick Jensen. Christine also denounced it. This campaign was a referendum on the issues. The people of Delaware's Republican Party saw your votes on Cap & Trade, Financial Regulatory Bill, TARP, etc. as what is wrong with America today.

The time is at hand to "unite the clans" as William Wallace might say. Will the state GOP come to its senses and reach out to the people? Only time will tell, I for one hope that they do.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Christine O'Donnell can win in November and the numbers prove it

There has been some suggestion that "even if O'Donnell wins the primary on Tuesday, she can't win November 2nd and Coons will be out next Senator". Well, why do we think that? The message from those who have so far controlled the dialouge is staggering. Here is their proof:

47% of the state is registered as Democrats

Barack Obama won DE in 2008, Joe Biden spend more than 30 years in office and Jack Markell was elected Governor

Ray Clatworthy and Charlie Copeland were not able to win seats as "conservatives"

Compelling evidence in these cases. There are of course, problems with the theories. If you delve into them, you will find a much different story than the narrative that local talk show hosts and political guru's might let on.

Registration Totals in Delaware are:
R - 182,796
D - 292,738
I - 146,212

Independents are breaking 3 to 1 for O'Donnell at this time but let's live under the assumption that she will only recieve 65% of the Independent vote (this would be a Progressive MIRACLE in 2010). You must also note another statistic often ignored by the pundits. Despite Delaware's Democrat leaning registration totals, in 2004 12% of Delaware Democrats went for Bush over Kerry and in 2008, despite the annointed one being at the top of the ticket, 9% of Democrats went for McCain. Historically, at least 9%-10% of Democrats vote for the Republican candidate regardless of ideological position.

In fact, when Joe Biden, Tom Carper and Mike Castle are out of the race, the edge goes to Republicans in Delaware. The 2010 election would be between Chris Coons, a Progresive Far-Left Democrat and O'Donnell who is a Conservative Republican. Over the years, Conservative Republicans (Bill Roth, Ronald Reagan, Pete DuPont) have won the day when they have run against those who are not one of the "Big Three".

So what would the numbers say if 65% of Independents and 10% of Democrats voted for O'Donnell? Assuming that every registered voter turned out (which won't happen) the numbers would be as follows:
307, 107 O'Donnell vs 300,017 Coons - O'Donnell wins

So what would the numbers say if 75% of Independents and 10% of Democrats voted for O'Donnell? Assuming that every registered voter turned out (which won't happen) the numbers would be as follows:
322,179 O'Donnell vs 300,017 Coons - O'Donnell wins

The key here is turnout. Which side will control the turnout? In 2008 the Democrats did. In 2010 Conservatives and Republicans control the day.

NRA, Jim DeMint Endorse Christine O'Donnell

Yesterday was another big day for Christine O'Donnell.  She picked up the endorsements from the NRA and also from the U.S. Senate's leading conservative, Senator Jim DeMint.  Here is what AP reported:

NRA, DeMint nods cited for Delaware's O'Donnell
DOVER, Del. — Christine O'Donnell has picked up key endorsements from the National Rifle Association and conservative Republican Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina in Delaware's Republican U.S. Senate primary.

The NRA said Friday that it can depend on O'Donnell to defend the right to bear arms. The group is asking Delaware gun owners to vote for O'Donnell in Tuesday's primary.

O'Donnell is challenging longtime Republican U.S. Rep. Michael Castle, who has received a grade of "F" from the NRA for his views on gun-related legislation.

The Tea Party Express, which backs O'Donnell, announced that DeMint, chairman of the Senate Conservatives Fund, has endorsed O'Donnell.

DeMint said on Twitter that O'Donnell "will stand strong for the principles of freedom." DeMint's office confirmed the endorsement.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and Christine O'Donnell

This is a guest posting from Pat Fish...Pat is a resident of Georgetown, Delaware

Rush Limbaugh and Christine O'Donnell
.by Patricia Fish on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 2:16pm. I happen to know Christine O'Donnell. Have known her since 2005. She's not my BFF but I've had occasion to talk to her one on one, I've criticized her from time to time. But no mistake, she is a woman who has my admiration.

It's almost been a hurting thing to listen to the attacks on her character by the Blue Blood Ruling Class Republicans in this state, including mighty Mike Castle, her opponent who voted FOR Cap and Trade and that awful DISCLOSE act, voting with the liberals most of the time but calling himself a Republican, I don't know why.

Christine has had some financial issues in her life, as if this is anything new under the sun. We are all not Mike Castles or Joe Bidens who of course spend hours tracking their financial receipts and fret about money.

But the Delaware Blue Blood Ruling Class have deemed her unworthy of being a Senator because of...well because she's an ordinary person like most of us who's had to struggle at times. Christine WAS nominated by this same Delaware Blue Blood Ruling Class to run against Joe Biden in 2008. They didn't care about her past financial issues then as they didn't think anybody could beat Joe Biden.

Christine did not beat Joe Biden but she did okay. THIS year, now that Christine dares to challenge mighty Mike Castle, a Republican in name only who voted FOR Cap and Tax and was only one of two Republicans in the House to vote for that awful DISCLOSE act, the same folks who nominated her in 2008 are out calling her a nut, a wreck and her supporters are "pathetic".

I can't stand the lot of the hypocrites all beating on this poor woman who what? Took a long time to pay off her college loans, had some wrestles with the IRS, other financial stuff, all settled now and water under the bridge. Where in the constitution does it say that if you've had financial problems in your life you can't be senator? Besides, does anybody think that Mike Castle or Joe Biden spends hours everyday categorizing their receipts, fretting over their money?

I can forgive Biden and Castle beating up on a young woman seeking a public office, how dare she...the audacity!! They at least get something out of it. I will never forgive the simpletons who jumped on the band wagon to beat on this woman and I vow on all within me that let this election get over and I will rebuild this state's Republican party with my bare hands if need be, throwing out those entrenched Blue Blood hyenas with all my strength.

Mark Levin's been on O'Donnell's side, last night Sarah Palin came out with a quick tweet in support of O'Donnell though Palin has not officially endorsed Christine. I prayed that maybe Rush Limbaugh would give her a nod.

Today Rush launched into a lecture to those Blue Blood nothing burgers that leaves me in tears with his passion and truth.


Who among us doesn't have issues?

My husband once suffered a brain infection. It was such a horrendous affliction that he eventually went into seizures and in a coma. Due to a series of monetary mishaps and financial procrastination on my part, I found myself all alone, husband in a coma in upstate Delaware, without one single dime to my name.

There was money out there, tied into a former 401K of husbands, some stock, an old IRA. Husband's paycheck was up in the air as he had used up all of his sick and vacation time and he did not have short term disability. I had recently had a heart bypass and was awaiting an SS disability decision by the powers that be.

I had to take a loan on my house just to survive.

When husband awoke from coma he kept worrying about some bills on his desk. We had an electronic bank account, like most folks today I suppose. HE paid his bills and I paid mine. There had been a large balance in the account from funds for the sale of our old Merryland home. I'm not trying to make excuses, I am an accountant by trade. I meant to get around to it.

Turns out husband had a bunch of credit card bills, small ones but alot of them. I too had run up a credit card but I thought I was the only one so hey, I really had plans to straighten out our finances, really I did.

It's been two years since then. I had to methodically contact all the companies. I told about the brain infection, the money confusion. Interest rates were dropped or removed. We had thousands of dollars in medical bills as well. Husband and I both did get Social Security, I applied for property tax reductions....I got the 401K's combined, the stock sold,created a reserve of money for these same such emergencies and it turned out okay.


The Delaware Blue Blood Ruling Class Republicans would call me a nut, a woman who can't handle her money, a wreck totally underserving of being a Senator, HOW DARE SHE EVEN THINK OF IT!

Whatever went on in Christine O'Donnell's life, she too solved her financial problems. The college loans are paid, the IRS is happy....whatever happened, it's been handled.

This is how Rush framed his vignette today. How many of us have no issues that could be blown into a way bigger deal than the ordinary stumbling blocks of life that they were?

In fact, an argument could be made that those of us who've been through it, silly us, might better serve the public, having been there and done that.

Does anyone think either Biden or Castle, both lifelong politicos, very rich in fact, ever sat all alone deep into a dark night and sobbed for funds not there, despairing over actions not taken for want of a team of flackies, anguished over how it all will end,frightened and shaking over an unknow future?

Thank you Rush. Thank you for not joining the Blue Blood Ruling Class Delaware GOP in their relentless beating of this Christian woman who dares to seek to represent me. She's only asking for my vote. She's not a nut.

Who knows, maybe Christine will win on 9/14/10...that would be wonderful.

But I will never forget those who called her names, said she's a nut, mocked her mercilessly.

Because I know they would have done the same thing to me.

Coalition of Conservative Groups Demand Castle Debate O'Donnell

Wilmington, Delaware (September 7, 2010) -- The Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, along with Founders Values, the Conservative Caucus for Delaware, Diamond State Tea Party, the 9/12 Delaware Patriots, and the Delaware Conservative Coalition, are demanding that Congressman Mike Castle debate Christine O'Donnell before the upcoming September 14 primary.

Together, these groups represent thousands of Delaware voters.

In a letter being hand delivered, mailed, faxed, and sent via facebook, today, the coalition
is suggesting a 90 minute debate format with a single moderator and audience participation.

"During this primary season, Mike Castle has been given multiple opportunities to debate Christine O'Donnell. A range of organizations from the ABC News local affiliate, to WDEL, to the League of Woman Voters, to Founders Values have offered the Congressman countless opportunities to debate the issues and he has been a no show," said PAC vice president and Diamond State Tea Party founder, Kevin Street. "O'Donnell, on the other hand, has been present at every venue.

"We not only think Congressman Castle is afraid to confront Christine O'Donnell after running a campaign of vicious personal attacks against her but that he is also scared to appear in a forum before Republican voters, many of whom feel betrayed by his votes on 'Cap and Trade' and the 'Disclose Act.'"

Mr. Castle has refused to debate O'Donnell in the past, insisting that she is not a viable candidate.

However, national attention has been focused on the race in recent weeks due to a string of O'Donnell endorsements, including that of National Talk Show Host Mark Levin and Tea Party Express, which has vowed to pump hundreds of thousands of dollars into the campaign.

"There are strong indications that the race is tightening," said PAC president, Don Adams. "National attention is now being focused on the Delaware primary and the momentum is shifting in O'Donnell's direction."

Family Values Events Director, Kristen Sherman, says the coalition will make every effort to accommodate Mr. Castle should he finally agree to a debate. "O'Donnell has already given us the green light. All Mr. Castle has to say is 'when' and we will make it happen."

(Please find the letter of invitation below.)

# # #

Founders Values
P.O. Box 673
Bear, DE 19701

September 7, 2010

Congressman Michael N. Castle
United States House of Representatives
2 Mill Road Suite 108
Wilmington, DE 19806

Dear Congressman Castle:

Founders Values, along with The Conservative Caucus of Delaware, The Diamond State Tea Party, The 9/12 Delaware Patriots, The Delaware Conservative Coalition and the Independence Hall Tea Party PAC, are urgently requesting your attendance to publicly debate your primary opponent, Christine O'Donnell - - something that you have skillfully avoided this entire primary season. These organizations represent thousands of Delawareans that want an opportunity to hear the candidates debate the issues that are important to them.

We believe that the people of the State of Delaware have a right to know and understand where candidates for elected office stand in relation to one another. We also believe that the candidates themselves have an obligation to debate their positions publicly, so that the people may decide for whom they should vote. Hosting a debate between candidates for elected office is an excellent way for us to facilitate this kind of public information sharing.

We are very willing to accommodate you and your busy schedule in order to make this debate a reality. We are flexible on both date and time for the debate. We are proposing a debate as soon as possible and would prefer an evening time, as this would allow the most people to attend.
We will also be asking local media to attend the event and to broadcast it live. It is also our intention to video tape the debate and to make that video available on the internet.

The six sponsoring organizations are proposing a 90 minute debate consisting of a single moderator with written questions from the audience. These questions will relate directly to issues slated for discussion in the United States Senate this coming fall. The last half hour of the debate would be dedicated to rapid fire questions from the audience, followed by closing arguments. We would like to work with both campaigns to ensure a debate format that each of you can be comfortable in and are therefore open to modifying the format.

We respectfully request that you contact us within 24 hours of receipt of this invitation, to let us know if you are willing to debate and work toward an agreeable date and time. As you know, time is running out before the September 14th primary election and we need to move quickly on making this work for the voters. We look forward to having you at the debate and sharing your positions with the people of Delaware.

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Kristen Sherman
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Monday, September 6, 2010

Castle's Mailers...Truth or Fiction?

You be the judge. Check his attacks against Christine's answers and decide for yourself: Christine Counters

Now let's look at Castle's claim of "Fiscal Conservatism". I'm still trying to figure out which genious he's paying came up with the idea of painting a tax and spend conservative with a 20 yr record of that behavior as a fiscal conservative.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Differences Between Castle and O'Donnell

Mike Castle shows up with fanfare and streamers at GOP Headquarters to meet with the people.
Christine O'Donnell seeks out the people by attending TEA Party/9-12 meetings.

Mike Castle has a voting record a thousand miles long that shows his true positions.

Christine O'Donnell is a relative newcomer to politics.

Mike Castle SAYS he's a fiscal conservative but he's voted for Cap and Trade, Cash for Clunkers, Union Bailouts, $3 Trillion in spending and TARP.

Christine has opposed spending increases and called for Washington (and Dover) to tighten their belts and address fraud, waste and abuse.

Mike Castle is a multi-millionaire who has never struggled in his life.

Christine O'Donnell has faced adversity financially just like most of us have.

Mike Castle does not have a problem lying about, distorting and destroying his opponents.

Christine O'Donnell believes in campaigns about the issues, not mudslinging.

Mike Castle and his campaign has attacked Christine with rumors and lies.

Christine O'Donnell has pointed out the facts about Castle's votes and his record.

Mike Castle refuses to debate Christine because he feels that she is beneath him.

Christine O'Donnell has called for debates consistently and has accepted every invitation offered by 3rd parties.

Mike Castle has been in Washington since 1992 and believes he is entitled to your support.

Christine O'Donnell is working for every inch of support she gets.

Mike Castle is supported by Greenville millionaires, unions, law firms and huge corporations.

Christine O'Donnell is bringing in money from everyday Delawareans and Americans who believe in her message and want to see our nation restored.

Mike Castle has an F-rating from the NRA.

Christine O'Donnell has recieved the endorsement of the Gun Owners of America association and is strongly pro-2nd Amendment.

Mike Castle has refused to support a repeal and defunding of Obamacare.

Christine O'Donnell has promised that she would make defunding and repealing Obamacare one of her legislative priorities.

Mike Castle believes in big government and big business making the rules for the people.

Christine O'Donnell believes in small and limited government that supports the private market and while ensuring the safety of the people, leaves business otherwise free to create jobs, goods and services.

Mike Castle expects the vote of every Republican on September 14th 2010.

Christine O'Donnell is asking for the vote of every Republican on September 14th 2010.

Where will you be when the dust settles?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Castle goes all negative as O'Donnell gains

Mike Castle and the DE GOP have released a STRING of negative attacks against conservative TEA Party challenger Christine O'Donnell. They've done everything but claim that she's raped a child (maybe I shouldn't give them any ideas...especially with the lawsuit against the Wilmington Diocese and Christine's Catholic roots...). The problem for them is that their lies and distortions aren't winning them any friends. A poll released today shows O'Donnell trailing the LONG time incumbent Castle by just 2 points! That's right, 2...not 20...2 points. This is WELL within the margin of error, in fact, O'Donnell may be AHEAD by as much as 3 points.

By contrast, O'Donnell has stayed consistent and true to her roots in faith and denounced a video made by in which it was suggested that Mike Castle was having an affair with a man. The comment was IMMEDIATELY qualified as being "a rumor" but the damage had been done. The video was released by former consultants to O'Donnell and based on a story done by failed left wing radio hacks "Down with Absolutes". O'Donnell addressed a crowd of over 200 supporters on Sept. 2nd when she said:
"I do not endorse that kind of mudslinging, and I’m asking all of my supporters
not to go down that route. I am challenging Mike Castle to publicly denounce GOP
State Chairman Tom Ross’ mudslinging and ask all of the Delaware State
Republican Committee to stop the thug politics.
From here on out, it should be about the stark contrast between our stances on the issues and let the voters decide based on our positions. Not only is it the high road for Mike Castle to take, it would be politically expedient. His personal attacks
have caused my supporters to rally to my defense."

O'Donnell has been the subject of smears and distortions about her past as well. One of the more virulent attacks recently has been that O'Donnell, who was not born into the lap of luxury that most of the Greenville Republicans were, has taken more than 10 years to pay off debts owed to her Alma mater and receive her diploma. This is something that many millions of Americans can relate to. 65% of 4 yr college students graduate with debt. Can you relate to the expense of college? Millionaires in the Delaware GOP can't, including Mike Castle. They don't understand REAL sacrifice and the effort it takes to go to college and try to make that tuition each month. For that they criticise O'Donnell.

So my challenge to the Delaware GOP is to stop the nasty mudslinging politics (which is the only way they MIGHT win, if we let them) and stand up behind your positions. Stand with CONVICTION the way O'Donnell has. Let's talk about who will best represent Delaware in the Senate. Can Mike Castle, who has an F-rating from the NRA, who has voted for Cap and Trade and who has consistently voted to increase spending and taxes, stand up to O'Donnell whose platform is to lower government spending, reduce taxes, protect the Constitution and get government out of the way so the private sector can create jobs?

Governor Christie...Seriously?

So you said in your Weekly Standard video endorsement of Mike Castle (RINO-DE) that

"Mike understands that our nation's most urgent priority is the economy and that
the path to restoring America's prosperity requires making tough, responsible
decisions," said Governor Christie. "He is the strong voice that the people of
Delaware need in the Senate to get our fiscal house back in order and get
Americans back to work."

Really? I mean, have you even had a staffer SNIFF Congressman Castle's record or are you already willing to sell out those conservative values that got you elected? Here's why I ask that question.

I thought, maybe I'm WRONG about Congressman Castle. Maybe he IS a budget hawk. This is what I found:

FACT - Castle voted for TARP (the $700 Billion bailout of the financial industry in 2008

FACT - In 2008 the American Conservative Union and Club for Growth (Fiscal conservatism) rated Mike Castle at 28% and 26% respectively.

FACT - Castle voted FOR the Auto-bailout that resulted in GM being owned by the unions and taxpayers

FACT - American for Fair Taxation rated Mike Castle as a -1 against the FairTax measure

FACT - Castle Voted FOR permanently raising taxes on businesses

FACT - In 2008 the National Tax Payers Union gave Congressman Castle a D rating

FACT - Voted AGAINST making the Bush tax cuts permanent, capping discretionary spending at $973 billion and imposing a moratorium on earmarks

FACT - Congressman Castle supported the interests of the National Small Business Association 60 percent of the time from 2007-2008

FACT - Castle voted FOR the Obama Omnibus spending bill that increased spending 8% on TOP of the Stimulus packages

So again Gov. Christie, where is your consistency? Where is your intellectual HONESTY? Then again, I did find this interesting tidbit. Governor Christie plans to use Cap and Trade funds to pay down the New Jersey debt. This story cites his plan to do it using the state money. Why not also work to pass national cap and trade legislation so he can pump even MORE money into his scheme? Who better to support for U.S. Senate and to ensure Cap and Trade passage than the man who already voted for it in the U.S. House, Congressman Mike Castle? I guess the Constitution, limited government and lower taxes only matter to Gov. Christie when he needs votes.