Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hear me out.

The above video looks bad. I know it. My actions were probably a little over the top but there is video missing from this. Let me set the stage:

Four camera operators, men and women surround a female candidate for Senate and shove cameras in her face. They circle her like sharks around a shipwreck survivor and they refuse to move from her personal space. They follow her for 6 hours and continuously film. This includes private individual conversations with friends, family and neighbors. They refused to step back, to stop filming and to desist in their intimidation tactics despite being asked more than a dozen times. The only thing they understand is similar tactics.

I did what I felt needed to be done in order to protect a woman who was being harrassed. I can see no difference between what they did and the actions of a wife beater on the sidewalk. I reacted in defense of a woman who was in need of assistance. I would do it again although perhaps in a different way if I thought it was the only way to handle the situation. I was not violent or overly aggressive. I simply presented a different target for their attacks and used their tactics against them.


  1. She is a candidate for the senate. She can't handle cameras near here? If so, she probably shouldn't be running! Why aren't people allowed to record her at a public campaign event? They looked like they weren't even within 10 feet of her. You guys do come across as thugs! Stop hiding candidates! This needs to be an open discussion. Events on both sides needs to be open to all citizens. This is how democracy works! Or at least needs to work.

  2. No no no Adam...the problem is when they are right in her face (which is conspicuously absent from these cut videos)

    Second, there is a difference between hiding candidates and expecting there to be a respectful distance kept and a respect for the candidates wishes.

    Finally, a Coons video tracker attended the O'Donnell victory party and was allowed to stay and film her as long as he signed in. She deserves to know who is taping her and who they work for. That is not unrealistic and should be expected.

  3. The video has been removed from the user. Do you have another video?