Sunday, September 19, 2010

O'Donnell - Witches, Sex and Silliness

I've seen the Mainstream Media sources, from FoxNews to CNN and MSNBC spending an exorbitant amount of time covering some clips from late night nobody Bill Mahr's former show "Politically Incorrect with Bill Mahr" and from MTV (what news sources! *please note the sarcasm*). Most of these clips come from the mid - late 90's when O'Donnell was in her 20's. O'Donnell has said, when asked at a debate at a Jewish Community Center in Delaware, that the statements on sex and masturbation were made when she was in her early 20's and perhaps overly excited in her youth about her new faith. She has said that her faith has matured now and that she sees sex as a personal matter.

Her statements about witchcraft made to Bill Mahr on his show in the late 90's have recently become news after Mahr began a public blackmail campaign against O'Donnell. Mahr has said that he would release 1 tape per week until O'Donnell agrees to come on his show. Interestingly enough, Mahr and his friends John Stewart and Steven Colbert who are all good for a laugh but who can't be considered "serious" commentators are rumored to be involved in a "Million Moderate March" this October right before the November elections. Ok, I have to pause for a second to make this point, it's biased so I may lose you here but... I doubt I'll be proven wrong about this but, I can't see how Mahr, Colbert and Stewart could get 15 people in a coffee shop to all buy a cup of coffee, much less rally a million people on the mall. In fact, I predict that all three hosts are likely to draw less than 1 10th of the number of Americans who showed up at the Glenn Beck "Restoring Honor Rally" on Aug. 28th in D.C. That event drew between 500,000 and 750,000 Americans from all over the country. I challenge these Three Musketeers to get even 50,000 people to slither over to their debacle on the mall.

So what does all this mean? Well, it means that the MSM and the Delaware Democrat Party either didn't get the memo or just don't get it period. My guess is that it's a little bit of both. The News Journal, specifically liberal hit piece writer Ginger Gibson, spent the majority of the campaign peddling petty garbage stories to attempt to eat away at O'Donnell's credibility. They have paid a dear price for their disgusting display of hit journalism and yet the mainstream media is all too happy to walk in the same footsteps. Perhaps MSNBC and CNN have simply lost so many viewers that the don't care any longer how many more they lose. The mainstream media often beats it's head against the wall so that is less surprising than the maneuvers that the Delaware liberal/progressive crowd have taken. Consistently peddling the narrative that Christine is flawed because she believes in God, has had the same financial problems as the majority of it's own party members and has "acted stupidly" in the past. Specifically it is interesting that the focus of late has been on her mid 90's "dabbling in witchcraft".

Let's first point out the TV series' "Charmed" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". There is also the movie "The Craft". These TV shows and movies came out in the 90's because at that time there was a LARGE sect of young people who became fascinated by these subcultures. Many of us, especially liberals, became enamoured with the characters and the romantic natures of them. So she dated a witch...well guess what folks, I played a Vampire role playing game called "Vampire: The Masquerade" for over a year. I suspect there are many others who did as well. So she experimented with other ideas. Clinton smoked pot...despite his claims the man likely STILL inhales and is suspected of womanizing with countless women and yet the left loves him. So why the hate for O'Donnell? Because, like Palin, Bachman and Haley...she's a conservative woman which means she MUST be a radical fringe right winger.

The bottom line is that just like when Mike Castle went negative on O'Donnell, the attacks from the left only draw voters to O'Donnell. The assaults are part of an old brand of politics where the idea was to see who could destroy who faster. The American people have woken up and they're looking for more than the attack politics of the past. They are looking for who has a record of supporting policies that they agree with and who has the best ideas going forward. So to Bill Mahr and his Comedy Central goons I say, have at it. Attack away. Sticks and Stones may break her bones, but words will never hurt her. And to Chris Coons and his Progressive friends, be careful when casting stones. Your homes are made of glass made in Marxist communes.

In the end I guess the election will come down to an ex-Witch vs. a Marxist.


  1. Life is stranger than fiction but clearly politics is stranger than [regular] life. The old adage "my enemy's enemy is my friend" surely applies here. More specifically, it is in the mutual interest of the Democrat Party (and their MSM sycophants) and the Republican elitists to destroy Christine O'Donnell. For they feel that her defeat would be a repudiation of the Tea Party, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, etc.

    To be sure, any conservative candidate will have a tough battle in what has traditionally been a very blue state but this is a special year where Americans generally are fed up with big government growth and endless spending.

    Here's hoping Christine pulls off a victory on November 2nd!!!

  2. New Media Conservatives turned the tables on Bill Maher by posting thousands of tweets on the twitter hash tag #worsethanwitchcraft creating a chain of tweets funnier than Bill Maher's entire career

  3. THANK YOU for posting this. It doesn't surprise me... sigh.

    Common Cents

  4. An important factor for Christine O'Donnell is letting more people know who she really is.

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