Monday, September 6, 2010

Castle's Mailers...Truth or Fiction?

You be the judge. Check his attacks against Christine's answers and decide for yourself: Christine Counters

Now let's look at Castle's claim of "Fiscal Conservatism". I'm still trying to figure out which genious he's paying came up with the idea of painting a tax and spend conservative with a 20 yr record of that behavior as a fiscal conservative.


  1. Mike Castles words are lies and his life is one big lie. Castle is what is wrong with Washington, Christine is the solution to this problem.

  2. Like this is a surprise? Is anyone surprised with this man's behavior? Alot of folks had his number a long time ago when he sold his soul for PAC money, engaged in high brow elitism, peddling party patronage, rewarding cronyism and a demonstrating a self inflated sense of influence. Pathetic, simply pathetic. Anyone who would want this man to represent them in Washington, needs a reality check...and soon!