Friday, September 3, 2010

Castle goes all negative as O'Donnell gains

Mike Castle and the DE GOP have released a STRING of negative attacks against conservative TEA Party challenger Christine O'Donnell. They've done everything but claim that she's raped a child (maybe I shouldn't give them any ideas...especially with the lawsuit against the Wilmington Diocese and Christine's Catholic roots...). The problem for them is that their lies and distortions aren't winning them any friends. A poll released today shows O'Donnell trailing the LONG time incumbent Castle by just 2 points! That's right, 2...not 20...2 points. This is WELL within the margin of error, in fact, O'Donnell may be AHEAD by as much as 3 points.

By contrast, O'Donnell has stayed consistent and true to her roots in faith and denounced a video made by in which it was suggested that Mike Castle was having an affair with a man. The comment was IMMEDIATELY qualified as being "a rumor" but the damage had been done. The video was released by former consultants to O'Donnell and based on a story done by failed left wing radio hacks "Down with Absolutes". O'Donnell addressed a crowd of over 200 supporters on Sept. 2nd when she said:
"I do not endorse that kind of mudslinging, and I’m asking all of my supporters
not to go down that route. I am challenging Mike Castle to publicly denounce GOP
State Chairman Tom Ross’ mudslinging and ask all of the Delaware State
Republican Committee to stop the thug politics.
From here on out, it should be about the stark contrast between our stances on the issues and let the voters decide based on our positions. Not only is it the high road for Mike Castle to take, it would be politically expedient. His personal attacks
have caused my supporters to rally to my defense."

O'Donnell has been the subject of smears and distortions about her past as well. One of the more virulent attacks recently has been that O'Donnell, who was not born into the lap of luxury that most of the Greenville Republicans were, has taken more than 10 years to pay off debts owed to her Alma mater and receive her diploma. This is something that many millions of Americans can relate to. 65% of 4 yr college students graduate with debt. Can you relate to the expense of college? Millionaires in the Delaware GOP can't, including Mike Castle. They don't understand REAL sacrifice and the effort it takes to go to college and try to make that tuition each month. For that they criticise O'Donnell.

So my challenge to the Delaware GOP is to stop the nasty mudslinging politics (which is the only way they MIGHT win, if we let them) and stand up behind your positions. Stand with CONVICTION the way O'Donnell has. Let's talk about who will best represent Delaware in the Senate. Can Mike Castle, who has an F-rating from the NRA, who has voted for Cap and Trade and who has consistently voted to increase spending and taxes, stand up to O'Donnell whose platform is to lower government spending, reduce taxes, protect the Constitution and get government out of the way so the private sector can create jobs?

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  1. I heard a mudslinging ad from the Castle camp this afternoon, and it was a disgusting display of ungentlemanly conduct. I would never demean anyone like that in any public forum. That kind of politics is what we do not need or want. It is all about issues, not personalities.
    Mike "The RINO" Castle should be ashamed of himself.
    I vote him out, the big NO WAY. He is a cap and traitor, the one who Wrote the "Disclose ACT". I have not heard or seen him do anything of prominence in the 8 years I have been living in Delaware.
    At least O'Donnell smile pleasantly
    Castle is a career incumbent, and is ancient school, and he needs to retire. Lets do that for him. He is of no relevance, politically!