Wednesday, September 15, 2010

O'Donnell wins - Party Bails

Well, at least the NRSC bailed. The problem is that O'Donnell won the nomination (as Dana Perino said) "running away with it" in the Republican Party. Many of Christine's supporters were Independents who had already walked away from the Republican Party. I have spoken to dozens of Democrats in Delaware and they have told me that Chris Coons is not the icon they want to bill him as. I laid out the case for why Christine can win last weekend. You can see that here.

*Update* The NRSC has backtracked and said if support comes to Christine, they will also support her. Thank you NRSC. Thank you for being pragmatic and for seeing that the people have spoken. We look forward to working with you in the future. *New Update* AS of 12:00PM today, the NRSC has decided to support Christine and has donated the maximum amount allowed. This means Christine has added $42,000 to her campaign war chest in her head to head battle with New Castle County Executive Chris Coons. Thank you NRSC for your thoughtfulness and sincerity.

Now the question is, will the state party work with Christine. Castle has said he will not endorse her but perhaps that will heal over time as well. Anyone who knows Mike knows that he is a kind man but also a proud man. Last night the voters rejected him for the first time in his life. The campaign was brutal and things were said about him that no one in the campaign or who support the campaign condone. Congressman, let me make this plain and clear, I NEVER condoned the 3rd party who suggested that you had an affair. I was one of the first to publicly denounce that video live on the air with Rick Jensen. Christine also denounced it. This campaign was a referendum on the issues. The people of Delaware's Republican Party saw your votes on Cap & Trade, Financial Regulatory Bill, TARP, etc. as what is wrong with America today.

The time is at hand to "unite the clans" as William Wallace might say. Will the state GOP come to its senses and reach out to the people? Only time will tell, I for one hope that they do.

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  1. Congratulations Delaware Conservatives and Libertarians! We were supporting Christine from the very beginning at Way back when it wasn't "cool" to be for Christine.

    A joyous night for us all. Even our friends in the Libertarian Party of Delaware are pleased. The Kent County LP Chair said last night he was "happy" with her victory.

    Thanks for the link.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher

    Fmr. resident of Newark, and graduate of Newark HS 1981