Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rush Limbaugh and Christine O'Donnell

This is a guest posting from Pat Fish...Pat is a resident of Georgetown, Delaware

Rush Limbaugh and Christine O'Donnell
.by Patricia Fish on Wednesday, September 8, 2010 at 2:16pm. I happen to know Christine O'Donnell. Have known her since 2005. She's not my BFF but I've had occasion to talk to her one on one, I've criticized her from time to time. But no mistake, she is a woman who has my admiration.

It's almost been a hurting thing to listen to the attacks on her character by the Blue Blood Ruling Class Republicans in this state, including mighty Mike Castle, her opponent who voted FOR Cap and Trade and that awful DISCLOSE act, voting with the liberals most of the time but calling himself a Republican, I don't know why.

Christine has had some financial issues in her life, as if this is anything new under the sun. We are all not Mike Castles or Joe Bidens who of course spend hours tracking their financial receipts and fret about money.

But the Delaware Blue Blood Ruling Class have deemed her unworthy of being a Senator because of...well because she's an ordinary person like most of us who's had to struggle at times. Christine WAS nominated by this same Delaware Blue Blood Ruling Class to run against Joe Biden in 2008. They didn't care about her past financial issues then as they didn't think anybody could beat Joe Biden.

Christine did not beat Joe Biden but she did okay. THIS year, now that Christine dares to challenge mighty Mike Castle, a Republican in name only who voted FOR Cap and Tax and was only one of two Republicans in the House to vote for that awful DISCLOSE act, the same folks who nominated her in 2008 are out calling her a nut, a wreck and her supporters are "pathetic".

I can't stand the lot of the hypocrites all beating on this poor woman who what? Took a long time to pay off her college loans, had some wrestles with the IRS, other financial stuff, all settled now and water under the bridge. Where in the constitution does it say that if you've had financial problems in your life you can't be senator? Besides, does anybody think that Mike Castle or Joe Biden spends hours everyday categorizing their receipts, fretting over their money?

I can forgive Biden and Castle beating up on a young woman seeking a public office, how dare she...the audacity!! They at least get something out of it. I will never forgive the simpletons who jumped on the band wagon to beat on this woman and I vow on all within me that let this election get over and I will rebuild this state's Republican party with my bare hands if need be, throwing out those entrenched Blue Blood hyenas with all my strength.

Mark Levin's been on O'Donnell's side, last night Sarah Palin came out with a quick tweet in support of O'Donnell though Palin has not officially endorsed Christine. I prayed that maybe Rush Limbaugh would give her a nod.

Today Rush launched into a lecture to those Blue Blood nothing burgers that leaves me in tears with his passion and truth.


Who among us doesn't have issues?

My husband once suffered a brain infection. It was such a horrendous affliction that he eventually went into seizures and in a coma. Due to a series of monetary mishaps and financial procrastination on my part, I found myself all alone, husband in a coma in upstate Delaware, without one single dime to my name.

There was money out there, tied into a former 401K of husbands, some stock, an old IRA. Husband's paycheck was up in the air as he had used up all of his sick and vacation time and he did not have short term disability. I had recently had a heart bypass and was awaiting an SS disability decision by the powers that be.

I had to take a loan on my house just to survive.

When husband awoke from coma he kept worrying about some bills on his desk. We had an electronic bank account, like most folks today I suppose. HE paid his bills and I paid mine. There had been a large balance in the account from funds for the sale of our old Merryland home. I'm not trying to make excuses, I am an accountant by trade. I meant to get around to it.

Turns out husband had a bunch of credit card bills, small ones but alot of them. I too had run up a credit card but I thought I was the only one so hey, I really had plans to straighten out our finances, really I did.

It's been two years since then. I had to methodically contact all the companies. I told about the brain infection, the money confusion. Interest rates were dropped or removed. We had thousands of dollars in medical bills as well. Husband and I both did get Social Security, I applied for property tax reductions....I got the 401K's combined, the stock sold,created a reserve of money for these same such emergencies and it turned out okay.


The Delaware Blue Blood Ruling Class Republicans would call me a nut, a woman who can't handle her money, a wreck totally underserving of being a Senator, HOW DARE SHE EVEN THINK OF IT!

Whatever went on in Christine O'Donnell's life, she too solved her financial problems. The college loans are paid, the IRS is happy....whatever happened, it's been handled.

This is how Rush framed his vignette today. How many of us have no issues that could be blown into a way bigger deal than the ordinary stumbling blocks of life that they were?

In fact, an argument could be made that those of us who've been through it, silly us, might better serve the public, having been there and done that.

Does anyone think either Biden or Castle, both lifelong politicos, very rich in fact, ever sat all alone deep into a dark night and sobbed for funds not there, despairing over actions not taken for want of a team of flackies, anguished over how it all will end,frightened and shaking over an unknow future?

Thank you Rush. Thank you for not joining the Blue Blood Ruling Class Delaware GOP in their relentless beating of this Christian woman who dares to seek to represent me. She's only asking for my vote. She's not a nut.

Who knows, maybe Christine will win on 9/14/10...that would be wonderful.

But I will never forget those who called her names, said she's a nut, mocked her mercilessly.

Because I know they would have done the same thing to me.

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