Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Delaware Physicians Assail Coons for Refusal to Cap Malpractice Liability

Earlier today, a local grassroots physicians group issued a press release in response to Chris Coons' refusal to cap medical liability. The group of local physicians and surgeons strongly feel that the capping malpractice liability insurance is vital to reigning in health care costs.  The group also rejects Coon's assertion that just because the American Medical Associations endorses ObamaCare, that they represent ALL doctors.

Here is their press release that was issued today:

October 19, 2010


For more information contact Bryan S. McCarthy, D.O., Docs4Christine@gmail.com

Delaware Physicians Take Issue with Chris Coons' Statements on Health Care

Newark, DE - Delaware Physicians for Christine O'Donnell wish to register their disagreement with Chris Coons' positions on health care as articulated in the Oct. 13 Delaware Senate debate. When asked if he would support amending the recently passed health care bill to include reforming lawsuit abuse of the malpractice insurance system by trial lawyers, Mr. Coons responded: "I don't support putting caps on liability."

We profoundly disagree with his position. The cost of "defensive medicine" is notoriously hard to quantify. Cost estimates range from as little as $45 million to as high as $100 - $200 billion. Special interest groups have funded numerous studies that downplay the cost of frivolous lawsuits and excessive awards, but those of us involved in the clinical practice of medicine have no doubt that the threat of frivolous litigation and excessive awards forces practitioners to perform many costly and medically unnecessary tests and studies.

During the debate Mr. Coons implied that because the American Medical Association (AMA) endorses the so-called Obamacare legislation, that the majority of physicians do as well. We dispute that contention entirely! Again, polling data varies. However, most polls suggest that two-thirds of U.S. physicians are in agreement with the majority of the American people and oppose this bill. It should be noted that The AMA represents less than 20 percent of physicians. Of those 20 percent represented, many do not support the position of the AMA on this issue. Our dispute is not with the AMA. However, on this issue, we differ. As a lobbying organization, the AMA stands to benefit from this legislation. We contend that patients and physicians in Delaware will not.

Very little was mentioned in the debate about the millions of dollars in cuts to Medicare that are included in the recently passed health care legislation, and how they will negatively impact access to health care by seniors. We agree with Ms. O’Donnell’s assertion that the bill will limit choices and hinder the ability of physicians to properly care for their patients free from cumbersome and harmful government interference.


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  1. hello concerned citizens
    Dr Mccarthy points are right on,Its amazing how quick the left are ready to trample everyones rights in getting Obama care passed. Yet the natural conclusion to limit or cap malpractice is unthinkable . The jokes are over bring back the constitution VOTE THEM OUT dan magnolia de