Thursday, October 28, 2010

WDEL, Rick Jensen: Another Cog of the Liberal Delaware Media

Delmarva Broadcasting Company, WDEL and its Rick Jensen have entered the foray of rubberstamping the liberal agenda.  They are no better than MSNBC, CNN, NPR, etc.

Rick Jensen attempts to discredit Christine O'Donnell by asking her questions about New Castle County Budget.  Sorry Rick, but Christine O'Donnell is not running for New Castle County Council, New Castle County President or Chris Coons' job which is New Castle County Executive.

Rather than using valuable air time to allow the voters to hear about Christine's proposals for U.S. Senate, Rick Jensen asks what she would do to reign in the budget shortfalls of the New Castle County government, of which Chris Coons is responsible for. 

Rick Jensen knows that Christine is not running for any office in New Castle County government and he just wanted to embarrass her.

Sorry Rick, but you attempt is so blatantly obvious those with half a brain know what your goal of that question was.

Feel free to watch the video here.

Delaware voters are smarter that Rick, and know that Christine O'Donnell is not running for any elective office in New Castle government.  Please ignore Rick as he is only interested in himself.


  1. When someone spends her ENTIRE campaign criticizing the way someone did their job, the logical question to ask is "Well, how would you have done it better?" As a Delaware voter, I want to know! Plus, she claimed to "not have access to the budget." Well, you certainly got information about alleged union deals and casino nights from somewhere. If not from the county budget, then how can we believe it to be fact? If she did get the numbers from the county budget, then she should have an answer of what else she would cut to balance the budget.

  2. And she gave some, but the facrt is...ANONYMOUS...that Rick harped on something unrelated to the Senate campaign.

    She doesn't need to have every fact about the County budget...she points out rightly that Coons stole from the surplus and taxed the hell out of the citizens INSTEAD of making tough choices like cutting contingency spending and payouts to cronies (slush fund and pension loophole). The reality is that this is really "The Delaware Way" where a select few people are annointed by the elites and by the media as the states leaders. This is why Delaware has fallen behind, this is why Delaware has failed throughout the years and why it is going BACKWARD and losing jobs, economic clout and respect.

    The people deserve the opportunity to decide for themselves on the merits of the candidates and not on the whim of a few political hacks and local radio blowhards.