Sunday, October 24, 2010

TRENDING: Christine O'Donnell within six points!


The Tea Party Express poll just released that Christine O'Donnell is closing the gap on Chris Coons.  Christine is now within six (6) points of Coons.

Stunning news to report today, fellow patriots.  A brand new poll has Christine O'Donnell surging to within 6% of her Democrat challenger, Chris Coons.
This late-in-the-campaign surge replicates her surge in the polls in the GOP primary, when everyone had written her off and said she could never win.

She proved the so-called "experts" wrong before and she seems poised to do so again!

Remember, it was the TPE polls that helped propel Christine O'Donnell to victory over Mike Castle.  This is going to be a horse race!


  1. Thank you. This race is closer than ANYONE will admit. It must SUCK when you have the House, the Senate, The White House and the Media in your back pocket and still the STUPID proletariat keep backing candidates who stand up for the rights or WE THE PEOPLE.

  2. CHRISTINE O'Donnell will win because the people of Delaware are like most others around this country. They realize that far left agendas like COONS are taking this country to a place we will never go SOCIALISM. Christine O'Donnell will win because she is one of the people,not a sophisticated politician who knows how to dupe the public. She is real, SHE is sincere, and she will vote to wipe away the destructive policies that Obama is trying to obtain. We the People will not let the far left ruin America

  3. Guys, I'd love to believe you all, and report on this for Libertarian Republican. But there are no links and no information provided with the polls. Just an excited report. Get some serious data!

    Eric - Publisher, Libertarian Republican

  4. If you really want her to win, one thing that would help is if she would point out the pending sales of three Scranton area Mercy Hospitals, which the CEO said was due in part to the passage of Obamacare. Then, he changed his tune, probably after pressure was put on him by the Administration privately, and publicly by some nun who was instrumental in getting the bill passed, and who was present when Obama signed Obamacare into law.

    Her name is Sister Carol Keegan and she is the head of a lobbying group for nationalized health care. After she came out and said the sales were being politicized, the hospital's CEO changed his tune in TWO follow-up statements.

    This is just like when Henry Waxman held a hearing and threatened CEOs of other companies over Obamacare, and another Administration official (can't remember her name) did the same thing. In this case, it was done probably to protect the re-election prospects of two Scranton area Democrat House members facing a tough re-election fight.

    Scranton is the hometown of Vice-President Biden, whose seat Christine is running for. Also, Pennsylvania is a neighboring state.

    This is blatant abuse of power, to say nothing of a warning as to what is going to happen to businesses all over the country thanks to Obamacare. No way are they wanting people to know that before the election.

    Christine should jump on this.

  5. People--
    RealClear politics calculates the average of all major polling data, and Coons is ahead by over 17 points. Let's get real.

  6. Rassmussen is the most accurate. He had it at 11 last week. The poll being cited at -6 had her at -9 two days after Rass at -11. I think this is the most accurate because it is timely.

    RCP is bull** If anyone uses that they are misinformed. It is an unweighted average and the times the polls were taken compiled with the equal weighting of bad sources makes it bad.

    I have a feeling it already is within the margin of error for motivated voters NOT LIKELY VOTERS.

    He wouldn't be running negative if it weren't. He knows that more ammo is going to hit him. Her negatives will only get better after all these repeated hit jobs.

    His are going to get worse. She's kept her powder dry. At least that is what I hoped.

    I predict it will be a repeat of Castle.

  7. Can anyone dig for the polling data for her race with Castle and how it trended?

  8. DuPont Endorsed Urk yesterday? Has he endorsed COD?

  9. The whispering campaign that she is closing the gap!(links to said poll?) Her ceiling is 40% folks, not bad for someone who was once considered a laughingstock, but it isn't going to happen.

  10. Hey Anonymous - Stop raining on our parade! Go back to Coons Campaign! Christine is going to win because she is an Articulate speaker and a candidate FOR the People! Does Delaware want to go down in HISTORY or down the tubes with the Dems! We ARE Taking back America from the brink of corruption and destruction! There's no foolin around with US Granma Grizzlies!

  11. BWAAAAHHHHAAAA...Christine is going to win...OH my side hurts!!