Thursday, October 14, 2010

Analysis of the CNN Debate: Christine O'Donnell versus Chris Coons

For those that though Chris Coons would dominate this debate, given he was a two-time national debate champion Amherst College were very disappointed.  Not only did Christine O'Donnell have command of the issues, she trounced Chris Coons on major issues such as taxation, and back-room deals.

Christine was very forceful against Chris Coons on his history raising taxes on New Castle County citizens. Remember IT WAS Chris Coons who raised property taxes 48% for New Castle County homeowners.  He also raised taxes on numerous services ranging from a hotel tax, a 911 tax and a tax on call EMS from a cell phone.

The next topic was the on-going war in Afghanistan.  Coons questioned why we are there, while Christine want's us to win.  Two clearly different viewpoints on this.  Coons wants to 'cut and run; while Christine echoes Ronald Reagans plan: we win, they lose.

On Education, Christine wants school empowerment and choice, while Coons wants to throw more money to the wind.  Coons repeatedly supported Obama's Race to the Top,of  which little money gets into the classroom.

When the debate shifted to health care, Coons rubber stamps ObamaCare; while Christine supports de-funding and repeal of ObamaCare.

The last issue of the hour long moderator-led was immigration.  Surprising, Chris Coons proposes deporting immigrants who are here illegally and break laws.  Clearly a break from his idol, President Obama.  Christine supports a guest-worker program that leads to legal naturalization.

Following the one-hour long debate, University of Delaware students were allowed to ask pre-recorded questions.

The O'Donnell team responded to Coons inaccurate statements by having detailed rebuttals (facts) on  The Coons camp had no rebuttal to back up their facts.

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  1. Christine IS us!

    So the late night sleaze clown, Bill Maher,
    (who said our pilots in Iraq were not as brave as the terrorists)hates her.

    Why? Is it because she is like us ordinary folk who are not as "smart" and "enlightened" as he and Mr Franken, and their Godless
    peanut gallery viciously mocking her on Saturday Night Live-on a continuing weekly

    Do they hate her for her stand for personal responsibility,personal freedom and accountability
    financial wisdom, and morality?

    Yes to all of the above.

    But most of all never forget the filthy little atheist hates her above all because he hates her Christ, and His Church.

    The liberal Media and the kings of soft porn and sleaze
    late night TV and the arrogant entertainers have slandered her name
    nationally. Now they think because she is down in
    the polls, with only three weeks until election
    that they have won.

    But God rules; not man.
    If she beats the godless hordes against all odds,only God can possibly claim the credit.
    Not operatives, not ad-men
    not endorsements, not money,
    not eloquent speeches, nothing but
    The Lord God-whom is all sufficient.

    And maybe that's why he as allowed the enemy
    to do their worst
    and to become haughty and arrogant
    mocking this good, principled,
    God fearing woman

    Pray for the Lord's guidance and
    protection be with her and upon her.