Monday, October 11, 2010

Christine's Opponent Chris Coons: Marxist Elitist

This week, Christine O'Donnell will come out of the gate swinging.  She will portray her opponent, career politician Chris Coons, as a Marxist elitist, a man committed to supporting the alien philosophies of Obama, Reid, and Pelosi.  Like them, Coons is dedicated to the demolition of our private economy, the suppression of our fundamental liberties, and the "fundamental transformation" of our society into a nation of serfs.

Under Obama, the number of unemployed Americans has increased by 2.5 million.  The number of our people on food stamps has grown from 32.8 million to 41 million.  Mortgage foreclosures are at all-time-highs.  Economic growth is nearly non-existent.  This is the "Obama agenda," one that produces unwanted change and hopeless.  It's the same agenda Chris Coons has vowed to support.

Coons once described himself as a "bearded Marxist," although he now claims he made the remark tongue in cheek.   However, an older, but not wiser, Coons has supported Obama's reckless borrowing of money from China and Saudi Arabia.  He's backed the unsavory deal where China buys our excessive debt -- and in exchange we send them American jobs.  Coons has supported the nationalization of half the American economy -- through government takeovers of the auto industry, the banking industry, and the health care industry.  Coons also supports "cap-and-trade," the giant energy tax on all Americans that marks the beginning of the end for the private energy industry.

People who support such unwise actions are known as Marxists.  In short, with Chris Coons, the beard is gone, but the Marxism remains.  He sees no problem with over-spending, over-taxing, and over-regulating.  He has basically given up on the concept of a self-reliant society and favors instead a dependency society.

How can you help Christine O'Donnell defeat this clueless socialist, Chris Coons?  You can distribute this note to all your friends in Delaware.  Also, you can contribute to Christine at and, at the same time, volunteer to support her campaign in a variety of ways.  And, of great importance, you can -- at the web site -- join a growing number of people who will phone bank or door-knock, or both.

With your help, Christine came from behind to defeat the supposedly unbeatable Mike Castle.  Now, she's depending on you -- and others like you -- to beat Marxist elitist Chris Coons. 

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  1. If the VP keeps coming back like a homing pigeon
    and hectoring the voters, as though he should be the one to choose his replacement, his arrogance
    may backfire-ditto the President.
    why are they so scared of this nice Christian
    lady..oops I think I just answered my own question.

    She might want to use some of the money she has raised on more opposition research there's more to coons than we currently know.

    if he dips below 50% in the next poll,
    katie bar the door.