Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Delaware Senator Carper Proposes Gasoline Tax

Yesterday, Delaware Senator Tom Carper and one Republican colleague proposed a 25-cent gasoline tax to fund for highways and pay down the deficit.  The tax which will be phased in one-cent each month for 25 months is problematic for Americans who already financially strapped due to the lagging economy and rising taxes on just about everything else.

Carper and Ohio Republican George Voinovich proposed that of the 25-cent increase, 10 cents should be temporarily dedicated to deficit reduction and 15 cents should fund transportation improvements. They estimate the increases would raise more than $83 billion to reduce the deficit and $117 billion for new transportation investments over five years.

Clearly, Senator Carper is tone-def to what the average American family is going through, and proposing a gasoline tax is just another way to tax Americans to the federal government's Utopian concept of prosperity.

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