Thursday, November 18, 2010

Is America's Food Supply at Risk?

In what may have been seen as a benign move to protect America's food supply from tainted food, S.510 is far from benign. The bill is nothing less than control over food supply. And it should scare everyone, as this will have far reaching effects including considerably higher food prices. Here's why.

First, the bill puts the control over the nation's food supply at the hand of the nations' largest government bureaucracies - the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); Department of Homeland Security (DHS); and the Department of Defense (DOD). Too put in context, as quoted by an excellent article at American Thinker, S.510:

It is a dangerously broad regulatory bill giving extensive discretionary power to the FDA over the entire food supply chain without proper checks and balances to avoid abuse of power;

It would impose one-size-fits-all-regulations on thousands of small and mid-sized farmers, small-scale local farms and food producers, and would drastically burden, to extinction, basic natural and organic food suppliers, thus endangering the lives of Americans who depend on local wholesome foods;

And if you think you can have a home garden, or buy your favorite produce at the local farmstead, think again:

If accepted [S 510] would preclude the public's right to grow, own, trade, transport, share, feed and eat each and every food that nature makes. It will become the most offensive authority against the cultivation, trade and consumption of food and agricultural products of one's choice. It will be unconstitutional and contrary to natural law or, if you like, the will of God.

Now that the bad news has been spilled, it get's even worse. The Senate passed S.510 on bipartisan support 74-26 with seven out of 12 being Republican co-sponsors.  Delaware's two Senators - Carper (D-DE) and newly installed Coons (D-DE) supported the bill, which could be a death knell to Delaware's agriculture industry.

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