Thursday, February 10, 2011

What Obama's 'Hope and Change' Really Meant

It took more than two years for Obama's 'Hope and Change' to be defined with actually proof.  Sure, conservatives knew that that Hope and Change meant bigger government, higher taxes and more misery.  But with cold hard data, 'Hope and Change' has been defined.  And it ain't pretty.

Commodities up, unemployment up, household income down, higher poverty levels, more bank failures, higher national debt, lower standing globally in regards to economic freedom and diluted money supply that is sending gold through the roof. 

Simply put, America is barrelling toward collapse and the liberals are clapping and calling this "progress".  Well your so-called "progress" isn't paying the bills.  Not for the federal government, not for the state governments, and not for the American families who want just a piece of the American dream.

But at least we can now quantify what 'Hope and Change' really meant.  And we now know we don't embrace nor will tolerate it.

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