Wednesday, February 16, 2011

US Regulators must nix NYSE Deal

The announced merger by Deutsche Boerse AG to purchase NYSE Euronext is call for U.S. regulators to step in nix the deal.  For one, the NYSE is the symbol of American exceptionalism.  For decades, the NYSE has been the bedrock of raising capital for American and multinational companies creating trillions of corporate and shareholder wealth.  NYSE is as American as apple pie.

On a more serious note, the merger would complicate the enforcement of existing SEC and securities laws given the parent company would be German.  There mere fact that is would be harder to ensure compliance is a good enough reason for regulators to step in. 

This merger is not a liberal nor conservative issue, but an American one.  The NYSE recovered from the one of the most tragic events in our history, and has weathered just about every thing else.  Losing this peace of Americana is surrendering America's stronghold on what made her great - business innovation, wealth creation.  Wall Street will no longer be America' symbol of Main Street.

U.S. Regulators - do the right thing and nix this deal

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