Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Warning for America

British MEP Daniel Hannan has been waiving the caution flag on socialism not only as a member of the European Parliament, but also to America.  Hannan, a member of UK's Conservative Party like many conservatives here in America see the threat of the rapid embrace of socialism and encroachment of government eroding individual liberty and freedom.

Thanks to the American Conservative Union, sponsor of CPAC, Hannan shared his dire warning to thousands of Americans attending CPAC 2012, the largest gathering of conservatives.  As in numerous media interviews on Hannity and YouTube, Hannan is not shy of being bold and direct in his fear of one's enslavement to government. 

At CPAC, Hannan spoke twice - once at a panel specifically on The European Debt Implosion: Is America Next? and once before thousands on the main stage in the Marriott Ballroom.

Video of UK MEP Daniel Hannan speaking at the panel on the European Debt Implosion

Video of UK MEP Daniel Hannan addressing CPAC 2012

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