Friday, July 30, 2010

Mike Castle makes it clear, he won't be part of the Republican opposition

In case you missed it, the Washington Post told us yesterday that Mike Castle had made his decision about how he will vote if elected to the Senate. Columnist David Broder spent time following Congressman Castle around the state. First, let me show you the way Mr. Broder describes Delaware's lone Congressman:

"the early favorite is Mike Castle, the state's former governor and longtime congressman at-large, a throwback to the kind of progressive Republican the Northeast used to elect regularly." (Emphasis added)
David Broder has just told us that Congressman Castle IS a Progressive (although those of us who follow his votes could have told you that YEARS ago). Congressman Castle takes this to a new level when he describes to the house party (a high end fundraiser) attendees:

"His reason for running, Castle explained to voters at a house party here, is that "I'm in the minority in a [Republican] minority of 435 people, and the rules and procedures make it difficult to express my independence. In the Senate, I hope I will have more impact."(emphasis added)"
So Congressman Castle feels like he is in a minority of a minority in the Republican House caucus. Why is that? It could be because Mike Castle is a Progressive Republican in the House and tends to vote more often with the Democrats than the Republicans (the Americans for Democratic Action group lists Castle as voting with the liberals 65% of the time in 2008). Castle was not yet done describing his plans for the U.S. Senate. Broder says:

"Later, Castle told me, "I don't go there with any notion of just building up seniority, but I think I can make a contribution there in the fields I've worked in. I don't plan to be part of the [Republican] opposition. I think I can do more than oppose." (emphasis added)"
Friends, Republicans, Americans, lend me your eyes...(put them back in your head first)...Congressman Mike Castle is not your friend. He does not care about you, or me, or our children. He doesn't care about anything but Mike Castle. He is going to grow government, give himself and his friends in Washington more power and he WILL betray the Republican party and the people of Delaware.

Please do not let this man fool you anymore. He has made his intentions clear. Cap & Trade, DISCLOSE, Cyber-Security, Bail-outs, Government takeovers of business, tax increases, etc. These things WILL pass with his signature, he has guaranteed it. Please do not let this happen. Do not let him destroy America. I urge you to support Christine O'Donnell in every way that you can. She will go to Washington and fight for the people.

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  1. This is why we must Boot Mike Castle from our Congressional delegation.