Monday, July 26, 2010

When Just Being a Republican is Not Good Enough

This post is in direct response to the post on fellow Delaware blog, DelawareTommorrow:

The author of this post claims to be a "mainstream" conservative.  Is this the same mainstream conservative, like Mike Castle who votes for Cap&Trade, the DISCLOSE Act, against the Iraqi surge, against supporting the missile defense shield three times?

Is the same the mainstream conservative contingent that is happiest when aligned with fellow progressives?

Let's get right down to the crux of this.  This country is at a crossroads.  We are at a place in our history where the federal deficit is north of $13Trillion, the unemployment nationally is above 9.5%, consumer confidence is down, the equity markets are soft and economic indicators are still weak.

The problem with mainstream conservatism is that is stands for nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  The Republican Party nationally and in every state needs to stand up to limited government (in accordance to the U.S. Constitution, national defense, and promoting LIFE and LIBERTY.  After that, we can sit around the campfire, singing Kumbaya and talking about the frivilous initiatives such as the environment, etc.

We need hardcore discussions on how to slash the size of the government -which agencies to cut, what programs to cut, what staff to cut.  We need hardcore discussions on cutting taxes to allow businesses and individuals to be able to create jobs and be innovative to open new businesses.  We need hardcore discussions on how we are going to protect every American man, woman and child from the next terrorist attack, and how we are going to secure our borders.

More importantly, conservativism not pragmatism (aka progressivism for Republicans) is the only way to win.  We must offer a true fiscal, social and national security conservative alternative to the liberals.  Failure to do so, will cause the Delaware GOP continued losses and lost credibility as an opposing part to the Democrat's encroachment into our daily lives.

This is not a time to dance through the tulips, because you disagree with the Tea Party, or the pro-life movement, or the 9/12 constitutional groups. The only way for the GOP to win nationally and in Delaware is to unite all groups, and welcome them into the fold.

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