Thursday, July 22, 2010

Christine O'Donnell lays out legislative priorities

One week after a Rasmussen Reports poll showed that Christine O'Donnell currently wins in a general election against Democrat Chris Coons and days after adding the Susan B. Anthony List to her ever growing list of endorsements, O'Donnell fires another shot at her detractors.

First, O'Donnell lays into her Primary opponent Mike Castle

"Mike Castle is an enemy of the free market," claims O'Donnell. "He voted for Cap and Trade, the single most dangerous bill proposed in American history. If enacted, that legislation will cripple American industry, cause energy prices to soar and destroy American jobs. Barack Obama himself said that Cap and Trade would make energy costs 'necessarily skyrocket.' Yet Mr. Castle continues to support the bill." (Read more about Cap and Trade here)

Time after time, Mike Castle's votes prevent the free market from functioning the way it should: rewarding winners and penalizing losers. His vote for TARP enabled a $700 billion never-ending bailout for the very financial industry wizards who caused the subprime mortgage crisis. With American tax dollars, Mike Castle has made multi-millionaires out of the worst culprits of the Wall Street fiasco."

"Mike Castle voted for Cash for Clunkers. He voted against a measure to balance the federal budget within ten years. He voted against earmark reform. The list goes on and on."

"Mike Castle's voting record proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he is for special interests, against the free market, anti-Second Amendment, pro-abortion and he's even for sanctuary cities. It's a preposterous record. Calling himself a Republican is borderline schizophrenic, confused about his own political identity."

"Mike Castle is the worst kind of career politician. To be a Republican, you must stand and fight for America's founding principles of limited government," continues Christine O'Donnell. "That notion is lost on Mike Castle, and Delaware deserves better leadership. Today, I'm releasing five legislative priorities that any Republican except Mike Castle can and should get behind."

For months, elite Republican leaders in Delaware and Progressives in the Republican party have claimed that even if Ms. O'Donnell can beat Mike Castle in the primary election and Chris Coons in the general, she has not given an indication of her legislative priorities. Their attacks have even caused rank and file Republicans and some T.E.A. Party members to be wary of voting for O'Donnell for U.S. Senate. To those who question what Ms. O'Donnell will do when she gets to Washington, she has issues the following 5 Legislative Priorities:

1) Lower personal income taxes, capital gains taxes and corporate income taxes so that we can restore economic growth, create jobs and stability for our small businesses and working families.

2) Defund and repeal Obamacare.

3) Enact a 2-year capital gains tax holiday to spur economic growth and new investment, inject capital into the consumer market and free up capital for lending to small businesses.

4) Secure the border.

5) Restrict the federal government from using taxpayer funds for abortion.

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What do you say Delaware? Is it time for Delaware's Senators to be fiscally responsible? Is it time for Delaware's Senators to be defenders of the Constitution? Is it time for Delaware's Senators to get government OUT of Free Markets? Isn't it time that the First State became a leader in America again? Isn't it time we brought out our inner Caesar Rodney?


  1. It's obvious that the State GOP establishment has more in common with the RINO Mike Castle than they do with the Founding Principles of our nation. The stats quo is just fine for them, following it has made those amoral globalists and crony capitalists wealthy and powerful. You'd think that they could come up with something better than "even if Ms. O'Donnell can beat Mike Castle in the primary election and Chris Coons in the general, she has not given an indication of her legislative priorities". Such a lame excuse only further betrays their contempt for us commoners !




  3. Mike Castle is truly a RINO. I left the Republican Party after he voted for Cap & Trade. As a Reagan Conservative, I just couldn't take it anymore. I am now an Independent. I intend to send Miss O'Donnell a campaign donation and volunteer my time supporting her. If you believe in term limits, now is the time to end Castle's. If you believe in our country, our founders and Constitution, please cast your vote for a true change. It's time to give others a chance at restoring this country since all the really "smart and seasoned ones" have screwed it up so badly.