Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hey Mike...Join the Club

As i was scouring the net today I came across a story over at WorldNet Daily called "Obamacare reversal? House 75% of the way there". It was written by Bob Unruh who generally does excellent work. So I stopped and did some reading. Apparently Representative Steve King from Iowa (a Republican of course) issued a discharge petition against the Universal Healthcare bill passed by Congress early this year.

As of July 27th the bill had 162 of the 219 signatures it needs in order to pass. One signature that has not yet been added to the petition is that of Delaware's lone Congressman Mike Castle who is embattled in a Primary race against Christine O'Donnell. The winner of the primary is likely to be Delaware's next Senator. This begs the question, "What are you waiting for Mike?"

His opponent Christine O'Donnell has been a strong advocate of defunding and repealing "Obamacare" since it was passed in March and has been at odds with Castle over how to best deal with the new law. Castle favors "fixing" the bill that amounts to a complete government takeover of the healthcare system. The bill came just months before Great Britain (the country that was touted as proof of the success of socialized medicnine) announced that it was going to begin privatizing it's healthcare system in order to correct problems with the system and stem the skyrocketing costs. Other European countries cited by Democrats are also considering scrapping their Socialized Medicine plans.

Yet still, Congressman Castle remains silent. Castle's office has not yet commented on the petition. His opponent O'Donnell has indicated that she would in fact support the petition if she were in Congressman Castle's place. When asked for comment Christine said:

"Obamacare is more about government seizing control of 1/6th of the American economy than it is about affordable health care choices. It will cripple American small businesses and discourage entrepreneurship. We need to replace Obamacare with a bill that will lower the cost of American health care by promoting competition.

Unlike my opponent, I will fight to defund and repeal Obamacare."

The Obamacare bill has been reported recently to cost the taxpayers more than $1 Trillion dollars including billions of dollars in new taxes, nearly $500 million from charity based non-profit hospitals and $70 billion from those who "don't buy government-approved health insurance". It's reported that "force some 87 million Americans to drop their current coverage" despite assurance by President Obama to the contrary.

I must ask again Congressman Castle, will you sign the petition and kill Obamacare before it starts killing Americans?

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  1. I honestly believe that Mike Castle held off on releasing how he would vote till the last two days before the vote in order to be sure his vote wasn't going to be needed to pass Obamacare.

    That being the case, I doubt that he would ever do more than poo-poo any effort to defund or repeal.