Friday, August 6, 2010

A Young Patriot Speaks

This was found (by Evan) on Craiglist:


I am a young conservative living in the Bear, Delaware area, born and raised! I would like to appeal to you for just one second...

Are you waiting for something new to come along? A breath of fresh air? Are you waiting for the economy to recover, or your work situation to improve? Are you dying to hear some GOOD NEWS? I SURELY AM....that's why I thank God every day for the mass movement that has been born out of the womb of our current out of control government. I am talking about the movement of America's people, our patriots, our cream of the crop.

We realize just how lucky we are as a nation to have the freedoms that we do, and we recognize the true threat on personal liberty and freedoms that every new piece of legislation that comes out of Congress will realize. We also realize, recognize and possess an undying respect for those who fight, and for those whose lives are lost every day, for the very same ideals and principles that are being trampled upon "inside the beltway". There is a threat when the government is spending money we don't have, there is a threat when the current administration concentrates on playing politics much more so than fixing our economy, there is a major threat when major issues can be laughed off or blamed on someone in office over a year ago, there is trouble when those in power won't answer the questions of the very same people that hired them. Americans are not stupid.

There has been a revival of sorts, a revelation in part, of how free our country really is, and how restricted the bills being passed (and proposed) will be on our everyday lives. No one wants to be a slave to the state, and surely no real American wants such a thing for our future generations. Do you feel that the congressional representatives currently operating in our capitol have our best interests at heart? Probably not...

On that note, along with this mass movement of the people, new faces have begun popping up in all places, all faces that can breathe new life in to our current national crisis.

I strongly recommend that you do your research before the elections this fall (September 14th and November 2nd) and go with your common sense, gut instinct. We want authentic people, we want people that will accurately represent our interests, we want people that are not afraid to fight for our rights.

I find that I am drawn to Christine O'Donnell especially. She has the spirit, the principles and the standards to bring real change to the U.S. Senate. Please give her your considerations this election year!

Also, I am attending a rally in a about a month, perhaps if you are dissatisfied with the current national state of affairs you will also attend. This would be the 9-12 March on Washington, D.C. on Sunday, September 12th.


Never give up, never surrender.

Over and out.

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