Saturday, August 7, 2010

Guest Post: Letter to the Editor for Glen Urquhart

Letter to the Editor
The News Journal

Dear Sir,

A massive oil spill destroying jobs and the environment with no effective leadership from our President, a nightmare economy of trillion-dollar deficits and taxes threatening the survival of businesses, thousands of jobs that continue to evaporate, a porous border with Mexico that allows drug cartels to threaten, kidnap and murder American citizens, a "health care" law that rations or eliminates Medicare benefits for millions of Americans, a foreign policy that makes enemies of our friends and apologizes to our enemies - add a heaping portion of Chicago-style corruption and it's no wonder that most Americans are disgusted with this President and this Congress.

Americans must vote this November for candidates who understand that cutting taxes and regulations for businesses will create an economic boom, who believe in fair immigration reform that will protect our borders, who understand the critical dangers that face America from its foreign enemies and who will provide the leadership we need to help bring Delaware and America back from the brink of economic and social ruin. Glen Urquhart is the only candidate running for U.S. Congress for Delaware who understands how to create jobs, reduce the deficit and restore America to its former greatness. Go to to learn more about this remarkable man.

William J. Burgess

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