Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Castle sneaks in a couple of biggies

It's been about 3 weeks since Castle did something stupid...well since he did something most people heard about. In the last couple of weeks Castle has (one of which the Congress was on RECESS for), Delaware's lone Congressman Mike Castle has screwed the taxpayers yet AGAIN. Chances are that unless you are a political junkie like me, you've barely heard a word about either of these votes. I'd like to take some time to cover those votes and why Mike Castle has screwed America and Delaware AGAIN.

1.) H.R. 5982 - Small Business Tax Relief Act - Castle votes NO

This bill would repeal portions of the Obamacare law. Now I know the House Republicans voted against this bill almost in kind but as I read it I'm having trouble seeing why. The claim is that the bill would increase taxes but in reality, the majority of the increases are on foreign sources of income. This is similar to the original idea of taxation intended by the founders. The founders intended that the American tax system be almost entirely encompassed in tariffs on foreign goods and services. Are there portions of this bill that are undesirable? Yes. There is a tax increase on corporations buried in the bill that deals with organizations that restructure and how their assets and stocks are allocated. The amount of total increases is $147 million dollars and it would affect extremely large financial corporations and others that merge at a high level. It would seem to me that this would be a fair trade by corporations who have benefited greatly from our egregiously complicated tax code. Does that mean I want to punish business?

Absolutely not. However, repealing portions of the Obamacare at the cost of a small increase in what amounts to tariffs and a corporate tax loophole that benefits the largest firms is justified in my opinion. The effect on taxpayers would be near zilch when you factor in the savings from the repeal of the Obamacare regulations. The bill would remove a restriction on small businesses that would require them to report on a 1099 any expenditures or receipts of services over $600.

2.) State Bailout Bill - H.R. 1586 Education, Jobs and Medicaid Assistance Act - Castle votes YES

This bill is a $26 billion bailout of states disguised as a bill aimed at saving the jobs of teachers. H.R. 1586 is yet another bill given a harmless name with incredibly disastrous implications. The bill (as do all bills these days) encompasses quite a few areas of federal government. First, it appropriates money for the FAA to establish programs for minorities to become FAA officials, sets aside money for Airport improvements, includes the passengers bill of rights and to provide other operational funds for 2010-2011. It also imposes a 14 cent tax per gallon on fuel used in an aircraft and removes certain tax credits for small aircraft. Buried in this bill as well is an Amendment that will tax the bonuses of TARP recipients 90%.

This bill is a monstrosity. You'll notice if you go to the link above that this bill leads to something about FAA appropriations. That's what it was for originally. Then the Amendments POURED in. Republicans had Amendments to create a moratorium on earmarks blocked by Democrats and Democrats passed first an Amendment to tax the bonuses of TARP recipients 90% (this is the unconstitutional ex post facto/bill of attainder that Chuck Schumer entered). The Democrats also included an increase in Medicaid funds to states needing assistance (despite the fact that the Obamacare bill cut Medicare/Medicaid funding). Next the Democrats tacked on relief for states whose contracts with State employee unions (read AFSCME) and teachers unions (read DSEA) far exceeded acceptable levels to most citizens and which are bankrupting the states. What you end up with is a bill far more expensive and far reaching than is being reported.

The Republicans call the bill "a bill with no name" but this bill REEKS of two names, Cloward and Piven. This bill hides all the juice way down beneath the surface. Meanwhile, leftists groups are attacking provisions in the bill that would limit the amount of money spent on the Food Stamp program. I might also add that the original bill was written by....Charlie Rangel. But it gets better folks, it turns out that the money being "stolen" from the Food Stamp program was ACTUALLY a mistaken expenditure from the beginning. That's right folks, this was a MISTAKE that the Dems turned into a pay off for teachers unions and labor bosses. Here's what's going to happen to the money. It's going to go from the Feds to the states where the states will give it to teachers unions and state employees unions. Those unions will dump a few billion into the DNC (or local Democrat candidates) as will many of the teachers and state union officials who will receive the remainder of the money. In the end, less than half of this money will be invested or otherwise spent in the economy.

So folks, Mike Castle has voted against repealing Obamacare, a 90% tax on the bonuses of TARP recipients and $26 Billion in bailouts for the states and the unions. He wasn't alone, every Democrat and Joseph Cao (the only Republican to actually vote for Obamacare) joined him. How many times Delaware? How many times do you need to see this from him? How many votes are you willing to hold your nose for before you wake up. At this point Castle has F ratings from almost every conservative organization including the NRA, Gun Owners of America, Family Research Council and the T.E.A. Party Movement.

Enough....is Enough. Force Castle to debate Christine O'Donnell(call for him to attend the Founders Values August Candidate Forum in Aug. 30th at Newark Senior Center) and to answer to the people. Visit Christine's website and learn more about how YOU can help storm the Castle and stop the bleeding.

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