Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Fate of the Republic

In just two weeks, Delaware voters will decide who will carry the GOP banner for the  U.S. Senate race on November 2nd.  This primary battle is a major election in and of itself.  And here is why.

The race pivots around 71 year-old career politician Mike Castle versus 41 year-old conservative advocate and pundit Christine O'Donnell.  The two candidates could not be more different.  Christine is a constitutional conservative, while Mike Castle is a liberal Republican who votes with the Obama-Pelosi agenda seventy percent of the time.  Most notably he voted for the Cap and Trade vote, the financial regulation bill, and the Disclose Act (all within the last 15 months).

On the other side, we have Christine O'Donnell who is vehemently against Cap and Trade as it is far too reaching and will cost citizens thousands of dollars in higher energy costs.  Christine is also against the DISCLOSE Act as this is violation of our First Amendment rights; and the financial regulation bill as this will cause consumers more financial pain with unnecessary banking regulations and hidden fees.

Just in case you don't know, Mike Castle also voted three times against the missile defense shield and against the Iraqi troop surge in 2007.  Did we also mention Castle is against the Second Amendment?

As you can see the contrast is clear.  One side you have ultra-liberal "Republican" Mike Castle and on the other side, you have Christine O'Donnell who will fight to preserve the republic and fight for our liberty.  The fate of our Republic is in the balance and what happens on September 14th is up to you.

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