Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mark Levin Slams Mike Castle

Not exactly a warm message from the Great One, Mark Levin. Mark Levin rightfully throws Mark Levin under the bus. Watch this great video:


  1. When Levin goes off like it's powerful!

  2. The time has come for the truth to surface about Rep. Castle! Mark Levin lays out an excellent case for sending Mr. Castle into retirement. He has misrepresented himself to the voters of Delaware over and over again - too numerous to mention.

    Aren't we ready for new leadership in Washington? This man refuses to answer for his votes, his actions and finally his inability to inspire a new generation of Delawareans.

    I'm ready for Delaware and the US to move forward! If we send Mike Castle to the US Senate, we are dooming ourselves to a country that will continue to offer it's citizens the ultimate Nanny State.