Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bennett’s Failure Indicates the Rise of the Conservative Wing of the GOP

The following is an email I received.  It is worth posting:

Fellow Patriots,

My name is Steven Foley and I'm the Director of New Media for Liberty First PAC and TaxDayTeaParty.com. As Eric Odom has mentioned, we recently launched 73wire.com to serve as our premier "campaign trail" blog for the 2010 election cycle.

In case you missed the news about the stunning defeat of incumbent Republican Bob Bennett in Utah's primary election last week, you'll want to click here to read about it.

I believe Bennett's failure indicates a rise in conservatism within the Republican Party, and I want to invite you to read my post about it at 73wire.com. I'm posting the full column below, but you can click here to read it online and leave a comment or two.

When we say conservative wing we’re not talking about just the so-cons or the religious right, as the media likes to categorize conservative’s but the fiscally responsible common sense conservative that inhabits the hearts of all right of center individuals throughout the spectrum.

For more years than most people can count or remember, the GOP, has been run by a coalition of people who were either identified as the religious right or identified as politically moderate.

Moderate, in recent years, as defined by the likes of John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and others under the guise of maverick was purely an excuse for so-called conservatives to vote on liberal bills in order to provide themselves cover.

A moderate or a maverick is nothing more than a fence sitter who’s found a way to betray his or her principles, or more importantly the will of their constituents, in the false hope that their actions will have some kind of profound bipartisan effect on our nation…

Problem is – this action, more often than not, results in conservatives giving up their principles and ideals while the other side (liberals) takes everything and gives nothing!

I’m happy to say, with the halt of Bob Bennett’s campaign, that the era of the moderate’s controlling the GOP may be winding down. His defeat signals the growing feeling around the country that if you subvert the will of the people and vote for bad bills, you will be shown the door!

It’s time for common sense conservatives to steer the party! It’s time for Fiscally Conservative freedom loving Republicans to take leadership roles and move this party into positions where we can start to counteract the immense damage that;s currently being wrought on the United States and it’s amazing population of patriots and liberty minded individuals.

Please join us in continuing this cleansing of the party…with your help we can identify and elect strong freedom loving individuals that will uphold the constitution and think… Liberty First before selling their vote to the highest bidder or political favor in order to get reelected. Someone who will think… how does this bill affect my constituents liberty before voting for a bill…

Show me that person, and I will vote for them! Show me a patriot that puts his/her country before job security and I’ll vote for them! Show me someone who values the constitution and does their best to live and vote by it and I’ll vote for them!

I will vote for them… I hope you’ll join me?

-Steven Foley

Director of New Media, Liberty First PAC

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