Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rasmussen: 50% of Voters View Democrat Agenda as Extreme

Wow, this is a surprise.  A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that voters are warming to a Republican, or conservative agenda while more voters view the Democrat or liberal agenda as extreme and out of touch.  Here is the break down of the results:

  • 45% of likely voters view the Republican agenda as mainstream, a gain of five points from last month (versus 37% who view the Democrat agenda as mainstream)
  • 38% state that the Republican agenda can be described as extreme (versus 50% who state that the Democrat agenda is extreme).
  • 17% are undecided on how to classify the Republican agenda and 14% are undecided on how to classify the Democrat agenda.
Clearly this poll result is a testament as the nation weathers a failing economy, three wars and faces severe fiscal hardship due to $14 Trillion in debt that the confidence of the Republican plan and agenda is gaining steam.  On the flip side, voters are losing faith in the failed leadership of the President and Democrats. 

It is important to note that one poll is not a sign that 2012 will be easy for the GOP to continue to their electoral success.  The Republicans will be competitive if they continue the drumbeat on tackling the debt, and adhering to the Constitution. 

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