Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Obama's Outsourcing of America

For being the President of the United States, President Obama is anything but a support of the United States.  For the second time in two weeks, Obama has touted foreign business over American business.  Last week while gallivanting in Brazil, Obama touted Brazilian oil.  Not once since he assumed the Presidency has Obama touted American oil development. 

And when last year's BP oil spill occurred, the Obama administration pulled all American drilling permits further enslaving America to foreign oil.  A sign that Obama does not want America to be energy independent.

Today Obama visited a Pennsylvania wind turbine manufacturer outside Philadelphia.  Obama's visit to Gamesa's  Fairless Hills plant should raise concern.  Gamesa is a Spanish wind turbine manufacturer.  How ironic that Obama could not even pay a visit to the GE Wind Energy division of General Electric, which has a plant in Connecticut. 

Nordic Windpower is another American wind turbine manufacturer, based in Kansas City, Missouri.  Northern Power Systems is another another American wind turbine manufacturer, based in Vermont.  PacWind, based in Torrance, California is another manufacturer.  Add Flagstaff, Arizona based Southwest WindPower to the list. 

What is alarming is that a simple Google search revealed five American wind turbine manufacturers that Obama could have promoted, but he had to touted a Spanish one.  So much for touting American business! 

For a President who has a Energy Secretary, what use is this department if America cannot develop energy? And the hypocrisy of Team Obama supporting American business, and jobs!  Yeah right!

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