Monday, March 28, 2011

State Rep to DelDOT: Basketball Hoops Grandfathered

Apparently the controversy over basketball hoops has been going for a while before the State wasted taxpayer funds on removing the poles last Friday.  State Rep. Bryon Short (D-7), responded via letter to former DelDOT Secretary stating the basketball hoops were intended to be grandfathered since they were installed prior to the passage of HB234 back in the 139th General Assembly.

Short also states that the kids, not the poles, are the reason for the traffic flow issues.  And that this issue is not the purview of the DelDOT

Let's hope there is an investigation into this issue and the lying of the State Trooper to the homeowner on the stealing of the homeowner's private property.  Not to to mention the threats of arrest because they were questioning this.

Is this still America?

Here is a copy of Rep. Bryon Short's letter to Wicks:


  1. Ah, the same compassionate government that wants to control your health care.

  2. While I no longer reside in New Castle County ( I am a resident under Serviceman Civil relief Act, as I entered the US Navy while a resident of Newark, DE) I find every aspect of this retaliatory and simply devoid of any common sense. Why would a B-ball net impede traffic in a cul-de-sac. Nevertheless the whole story need to be presented to the public. If DELDOT overshot, then they need to admit and move on. Our culture allows for the admission of error and even honors those who do and move on. As for State troopers who may or may not have lied to ease their day... shame either way... It is a very difficult job they do for little money, but they are very well respected for doing it... if this is really as appeared in the video, I am afraid the trooper badge may be tarnished in a fashion that a few non-systemic firings may not fix... Just my thoughts .. I could be wrong