Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Joseph: When Left to Die, America Comes to the Rescue

No one really knows how long Baby Joseph Maraachli will live.  However, when the Canadian health care officials refused to peform a tracheotomy to allow Baby Joseph to breathe in peace, America came to the rescue.  Today it was reported that Baby Joseph received that tracheotomy.

The story of Baby Joseph unfortunately hits on two poltiical fronts.  The first is state-sponsored euthansia vis a vis Canada's "health care" system, and the other does America really want this?

Canada's decision to not perform the tracheotomy in the first is nothing less than state-sponsored euthanasia.  What right does Canada have to determine who gets a surgery or not?  Who gave them the authority to make that decision.  Unfortunately, Canada's health care system allows its health care administrators to play God. 

If the case of Baby Joseph, and how the American health care system is not testament to how it should  be, then no one deserves it.  For those that want to transform America's health care system to rival Canada or Britain are the same who wan to play God in similar cases to Baby Joseph.  Human life deserves greater respect than to be at the hands of some ego-maniacal bureaucrat with a rubber stamp of rejection on every procedure just to save a buck.

America prays for you Baby Joseph that you life out the rest of your life in dignity.

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