Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Threat Obama Will Not Address

The fact that Iran is building a military installation in Venezuela should alarm most Presidents.  But President Obama is not like most Presidents.  From the moment he took the oath of office, President Obama has put America on a collision course with debt, and put our nation in harms way.

Before we get to what Iran is doing, let's dial back to March 2009 when President Obama caved to the Russians and scrapped the missile defense shield in Eastern Europe.  For a President in a post-9/11 world to scrap the missile defense shield because of its unpopularity by a foreign country should alarm this nation that Obama does not want to protect it.  And this coming from a President who tried and failed to emulate former President Ronald Reagan.

Then again, as of this writing Russia is now threatening to pull out of the START treaty because of revised U.S. plan to put ship-based defense systems in the Mediterranean and North Seas.  This is developing so expect more on this.

The startling development here is that Iran is working with Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to create a military facility with capabilities of missiles that can reach the United States.  The strategic relationship between Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Iranian President Mahmound Ahmadinejad should put the United States that it must protect itself.  Rather than defense spending on unnecessary operations in Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq; spending should be on a strategic defensive initiative to prevent a conventional, nuclear, chemical or biological attack on the United States.  Mr. President - it's time to ramp up that strategic missile defense shield. 

Regardless of the revised ship-based system, Russia will not cooperate with the United States to reign in Iran.  Russian wants to remain the power player in the region, and will not allow the U.S. to dictate the rules.  Given that reality, the United States has no option but to defend itself and its strategic interests around the world. 

The post-9/11 reality is real, but U.S. policy makers should emulate the defense doctrine of former President Ronald Reagan and only use force when needed.  The use of force should be limited to protecting the U.S. and its citizens and not be used for national building.  With the technological advancement in the last thirty years since Ronald Reagan launched the Strategic Defense Initiative, the United States can do protect its citizens with far greater ease.  If only the Statists would agree to protect the nation.

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