Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Delaware House Bill 86: End RGGI (Cap & Trade)

For those that are not aware, Delaware is part of a Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.  This initiative is simply, Cap and Trade, but done regionally by member states.  Delaware has been a part of the RGGI since 2008 when Senate Bill 263 was signed by former Governor Ruth Ann Minner.

Simply put, Delaware's participation in RGGI has failed Delaware's economy.  Cesar Rodney Institute has eloquently articulated and championed House Bill 86 to force Delaware's withdrawal from RGGI.  The basis for the withdrawal hinge on higher energy cost for Delaware and its citizens, lack of transparency over RGGI funds, and the ineffectiveness to acheivement environmental standards as promised.

This is a call to action as well.  Every Delawarean citizen must call their Delaware State Representative and Senator to approve the passage of House Bill 86.  Continued pressure must also be done to persaude Governor Markell, who enthusiastically champions Delaware's participation in RGGI.  Apparently, Markell failed to witness the defeat of former Congressman Mike Castle, of which his support for Cap and Trade in Washington was a catalyst for his defeat. 

Read House Bill 86 here.

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