Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kevin Wade Takes On Senator Carper Over Hypocrisy Over Gas Prices

U.S. Senate candidate Kevin Wade (R-DE) takes on long-time Delaware U.S. Senator Tom Carper over failure to lead on U.S. energy development including drilling for oil resources here in the U.S.


Kevin wade eloquently brings up the absurdity of the Democratic progressives who fail to connect available U.S. crude as part of the sustainable energy solutions we should be exploring as a nation.  As Americans continue to feel the pain of gas prices at the pump, lack of action by Senator Carper and his liberal colleagues on Capitol Hill.

As Wade mentions, the U.S. is blessed with these natural resources for our use so we can be energy independent.  This is not only an economic issue on gas prices and its affects on consumers wallets and added costs to goods shipped, but also a national security issue as we are dependent on foreign crude oil.   The latter is the biggest tragedy of them all as American sovereignty continues to be at risk every time we purchase foreign crude, which is something we could be doing within our very own country.

American taxpayers can no longer afford to send entrenched progressive career politicians like Senator Tom Carper back to Washington who continue to ignore the founding documents of this nation and erode Americans independence.  Every Delaware taxpayer who is feeling a budget pinch due to higher fuel costs should take a look at Kevin Wade.  

 As Kevin mentions he worked on oil rig platforms and knows first hand at the massive opportunity we as Americans have will a "drill here, drill now" approach to our energy independence platform.  As an engineer by trade who led his engineering firm to develop solutions for Fortune 500 companies world-wide, Kevin Wade will be asset as he seeks practical solutions the problems created by career politicians.   Delaware can no longer adhere to the Delaware Way of governance, and sending Kevin Wade to Washington means that being the First State to ratify the U.S. Constitution meant something.  Sending Kevin Wade will preserve it, not shred it like Carper has done by collecting a government paycheck and turning the other way while the spending machine ran on overdrive.

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