Thursday, January 12, 2012

Why America Needs Rick Perry

No matter where you go - whether a small, rural town or one of America's major cities - America is hurting. America is reeling from the inside out due to lack of leadership and betrayal by those entrusted by voters to keep her on a course for greatness.  Our nation is being shaken to the core due to a failing economy; weathered infrastructure; culture wars and intentional misinformation by others who are profiting on that deception of the American public.

The current American landscape mirrors the same of thirty two years ago.  A nation riddled in high unemployment and meager opportunities for Americans to find jobs to pay the bills; a military gutted by bureaucrats who believed that defending America was wasteful; and weak President who was in way over his head.

In 1980, Americans rushed to the polls and ousted Democratic President Jimmy Carter in favor of a Republican cowboy Ronald Reagan who just happened to be a movie star.   Those that read history know that Reagan ended the economic turmoil and advanced the largest modern economic boom within the last forty years.  Reagan helped end the Cold War and Communism by through strong diplomacy and strength.  Recognizing potential risks, Reagan invested in our military in the event we needed to be engaged but rarely used it.

Fast forward to today and 2012 looks like eerily like 1980.  Unemployment has consistently been over eight percent for the over thirty-six months.  America's business climate is riddled with uncertainty due to the socialist takeover of the health care systems and endless business regulations crippling entrepreneurship and investment.  America's military is being gutted once again based solely on political ideology that defending America is not worth it.  Just as former President Carter failed with Communism in Eastern Europe and Russian , President Obama is failing with rogue Islamic nations threatening the West and American national interests.  Just as Carter failed to deal with a rogue Iran in bring home American hostages, only time has changed and Obama continues to be manipulated by a rogue Iran.  Only now Iran is threatening America with entering the region, and Obama runs for cover.

So who can fix this.  Governor Rick Perry is the only one, and here is why.

Just as Ronald Reagan was derided in 1980 as being too extreme due his refusal to be controlled by the beltway elite, Rick Perry is the same.  Both Reagan and Perry have an affinity for being cowboys and we all know how the 1980 cowboy restored America's greatness.

Putting Americans Back to Work

In all seriousness, Governor Perry is the only unmatched Republican with the resume and results to turn this nation around.  Governor Perry is a thrice-elected Governor of Texas who while President Obama has struggled to create jobs, created 63 percent of all nets jobs since 2009.  Time and time again, Governor Perry has managed to be America's Job Governor.

Just as Governor Perry has done to lead Texas in creating a business climate that attracted firms from other states who felt that Texas was best fitted to help those businesses prosper.  Club for Growth, well-known for scoring political candidates on promoting free-market capitalism scored Governor Perry's 'Cut, Balance and Grow' economic plan as the "best of the best" amongst his 2012 Republican rivals. Forbes has called Perry's flat tax plan as the "most exciting since Ronald Reagan."

Cut, Balance and Grow is a comprehensive plan to cut corporate and personal income tax rates to twenty percent, balance the federal budget and grow the economy based on less regulation.  More info on his plan here.

Making America Energy Independent

Aside from everyday Americans feeling the pinch at the pump, America's inability to be energy independent has caused an enormous strain on its economy.  Consumers have less disposable income due to ethanol subsidies and higher costs of food and goods due to higher transportation costs.  Washington's refusal to approve drilling permits and increase environmental regulations have forced drilling technology once developed and owned by Americans to move to Brazil where they are ramping up oil production.

Governor Perry recognizes that unless America becomes energy independent, we are vulnerable to rogue nations who don't have America's interests at heart.  We can no longer be beholden to the Middle East, Venezuela and Russia.  Perry also recognizes that unless America becomes energy independent, America's economic future will continue to be threatened by rising energy costs due to higher costs of oil coming from foreign sources and this is simply is not sustainable.

Because of this strategic importance, Governor Perry has revealed perhaps one of the boldest and comprehensive energy plans to make America energy independent.  The plan makes domestic energy exploration and eliminating devastating environment regulation a priority.  The plan will put America energy workers idled by Washington bureaucracy back to work.

Overhauling Washington

The third component of Governor Perry's plan is to overhaul Washington to make it relevant, yet inconsequential to those that want to take advantage of pursuing the American dream.  Recognizing that Washington exists due to career politicians who exist due to self-interests, our nations capital has lost its way from the Founding Fathers initial intentions.

Regardless of the branch of government, Washington has grown too big to manage and too selfish to be relevant to the American way of life.  Right now, Washington exists for the benefits of a few and has lost its way to help the common good.

Governor Perry realizes that unless you make Congress part-time so that members can go home to their communities to earn a living, Congress will continue to run amok and devoid of helping it citizens.  Governor Perry realizes that unless you have judicial reform to reign in activist judges, we have no checks and balances between the branches of government.  Governor Perry realizes that unless you cut our federal government to be that necessary to protect the American citizen, our government is wasteful and just in the way.  Governor Perry's overhaul plan reforms all three branches, including the one he wants to manage. 

Trained to Serve.  Trained to Lead.

Rick Perry was exposed to serving others and putting others above oneself at a young age when he entered the Boy Scouts.  You see, Rick Perry has been leading others since he was a young man.  Rick Perry, a proud Eagle Scout credits his Boy Scout experience as giving him the foundation to be an effectual leader and manager.  Today, Rick Perry is Governor of Texas, home to the Boy Scouts of America that gave him his start.

Rick Perry's service to our nation began when entered the United States Air Force after graduation from college.  Commissioned in the Air Force, Perry rose to the rank of Captain and was a C-130 pilot flying missions in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

Today, Governor Perry is the Commander-in-Chief of the Texas Guard, and has been for the last eleven years.  Governor Perry will not let those that serve in our nation's uniform nor our nation's veterans down.

Defender of Life

Governor Perry as Governor has been a crusader to defending life.  A devout Christian, Governor Perry has signed significant legislation to protect life at all stages.  He signed legislation requiring the use of sonograms before an abortion procedure can be performed.  He signed legislation de-funding the Planned Parenthood of Texas resulting in the shutdown of twelve abortion agencies in Texas.


Governor Rick Perry is the longest serving Governor; the only Governor in this primary to have served in a military uniform; and as is America's job Governor.  Instilled as a young man through his experience in the Boy Scouts, Governor Perry has devoted his life to serving others.  And now he he is being called to lead again.

Given Governor's exhaustive record on job creation, defending life, and limiting the size of government it does not take a genius to realize that Governor Perry is the best qualified to restore America to greatness. His bold plans to put Americans back to work, make America energy independent and overhaul Washington are the product of a resume built on service to his community, his state and his nation.

Let's be honest here, Reagan did not have enough votes to win the 1980 GOP nomination until May 1980, so there is no reason why Governor Perry cannot do the same.  There is no reason to rush to declare a nominee.  The nomination process is no different than interviewing for a job.  In some cases the process can be short, but for jobs of higher responsibility the process requires more in-depth review.

For those of us in the Republican Party who witnessed the 2008 Democratic nomination and coronation of President Obama without adequate review, we know why such an elongated scrutiny and review of candidates is important.  Our nation cannot afford to re-elect President Obama, nor elect a Republican President who also is breezing through the nomination process without adequate scrutiny on his private and public record.

Rest assured, Governor Perry's record has been vetted numerous times.  You don't get re-elected Governor of Texas (or any state for that matter) three times by fooling people.

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