Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Time to Fire Tom Carper

Tom Carper, like former Congressman Mike Castle has spent his entire career on the government payroll.  It is that dependency on the government payroll that has mire Senator Carper's judgement and effectiveness to be a Senator from Delaware.

The first sin Tom Carper has committed is self-limiting himself to serving in public office. Even after earning his MBA from the University of Delaware, Carper skipped the private sector and went to work for the government in the state's economic development office.  A year later, Carper began his thirty-five year in elective office as Delaware's Treasurer.  After three terms as Treasurer, Carper set his sights on Washington DC where he served as Delaware's lone Congressman from 1983 to 1993.  After a ten year stint in our nation's capital Carper returned home to begin Delaware's 78th and 79th Governor.  Eight year's later, Delawareans sent Carper back to Washington where Carper is currently Delaware's senior U.S. Senator.  Clearly you can see that Tom Carper has a dependency on other people's money - and loves living off a government paycheck. 

The second sin Tom Carper has committed his service not to the U.S. Constitution but to his political ideology.  Senator Carper's tenure in Washington has been mired by his first stint in Washington as Congressman.  He has a love affair with spending and growing our nation's government.  From defending Obama Care stating its "provisions that make health insurance more accessible, more affordable, and more dependable" raiding government pensions funds to bail out the U.S. Postal Service Tom Carper is simply out of touch with mainstream America that wants a fiscally responsible federal government.

Why Kevin Wade

Enter Kevin Wade.  Last Monday, Kevin Wade declared his candidacy for U.S. Senate.  Tired of the Delaware Way that Tom Carper has brought to Washington, Kevin Wade has been critical of the dysfunctional manner as to how Carper and governed as Delaware's senior Senator.  In his declaration speech, Wade stated he "would not be standing here today if Tom Carper had done the job he was paid to do.”  And that is telling.

First, Kevin Wade is a business owner of a Christiana, Delaware-based engineering firm.  Like the engineering firm, Wade will find solutions to reigning in the bloated government in Washington that is crippling the American dream for millions.  Unlike Tom Carper, Wade will limit his tenure to only two terms stating that is all that is needed to go to work and come home.  

It is important to note that Wade's engineering firm, Philadelphia Control Systems has survived multiple recessions and operates in the global arena.  And providing solutions has scores of Fortune 500 firms has been the bedrock of its success for over thirty years.  And it is that provision of solutions that Wade will bring to Washington at a time when political divisiveness and rancor has eroded why those sent are sent to serve in the first place.

Second, Kevin Wade is a self-made man.  From humble beginnings, Kevin is the product of self-determination, perseverance and commitment.  Just as the firm he started and built to international acclaim and the family he nurtured, Kevin will go to Washington to restore this nation to greatness.  Kevin's personal faith and determination is one that will guide him to do what is required of him.  His success as Founder and CEO of his engineering firm give him the resume and skill set to seek solutions and not fall trap to the Beltway way of business as usual.

Third, Kevin Wade has a mission to restore America as the shining city upon a hill.  You see, Kevin already has a job, but feels that Washington has failed us.  Those that know Kevin Wade know he is a committed patriot to defending the U.S. Constitution and seeing a government that serves its people and not the other way around.  Kevin has outlined a robust platform of tax reform, energy independence and limited government that will allow America to once again be the bedrock of opportunity, freedom and liberty.

Delaware - it's time to send a servant to Washington.  It's time we send one of us.  It's time we stop being held hostage by career politicians who only care about themselves and next government paycheck.  Take a look at Kevin Wade.  You won't be disappointed.

For more information on Kevin Wade and his platform, visit his web site at:

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