Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kovach Win No Barometer Delaware GOP Ready for 2012

Seven percent turnout is not a referendum to to govern by. This extremely low turnout is pathetic.

One win does mean the structural problems of the Delaware Republican Party have been fixed over night. One win does not address the Delaware Republican Party fails to have a viable minority outreach plan, nor a technlogy plan to reach voters in this 21st Century.

This one win seals the fate that Tom Ross will continue to remain the head of the Delaware Republican Party. In doing so, no significant changes will made to remodel the GOP to be relevant for 2012.

Just wait until 2012, when we have a Presidential race that will drive out all of the factions that cost the DEGOP to lose over the last twenty years.

While Tom Kovach was victorious last night, the rank and file Republicans will resort to losses in 2012. This is synonymous to the Philadelphia Eagles who win enough games to get to the playoffs, but lose once they get there. Like the Eagles, the DEGOP can win special elections but does not the have the infrastructure to win general elections.

Until you replace the leadership team of the DEGOP from the top-down, this will never get addressed.

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