Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Delaware Liberals Cause Budget Shortfalls at DelDOT and NCCo Government

Tax and spend liberals have lived up to that moniker through Delaware.  Today, reports about budget shortfalls at DelDOT and the New Castle County were made public. 

Blue Hen Conservative broke the story on the fiscal wrecklessness of New Castle County back in October 2010, during the heated U.S. Senate campaign.  While mainstream media (News Journal) ignored this blog post and warnings of Republican U.S. candidate Christine O'Donnell, New Castle County taxpayers may have to pick up the slack. 

DelDOT fiscal mess is the fault of its leadership, and the failure to bring about cost reform to the agency.  Delaware drivers will most likely pay the price at the pump and through higher tolls to close this budget gap.

When will Delaware voters realize that elections matter?  It does not have to be this way.

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