Thursday, October 11, 2012

Is Senator Carper Fit to Serve?

At the US Senatorial debate sponsored by the Black Chamber of Commerce in Dover on the September 19th, all three attending candidates stated that they had no known health issues that could prevent them from serving all 6 years if they were to be elected. These affirmative, clearly stated declarations resulted from a question by an attendee, who wanted assurance that his vote wasn’t going to be disrespected by a backroom political deal that would find Markell or another political crony in the Senate finishing the term of a newly elected Senator Carper, who retires due to medical problems. For Senator Carper, who did not attend this debate, the question remains: does Senator Carper have any known medical condition(s) that could prevent him from completing all six years in the Senate, if he were to be reelected? Every person attending the debate agreed that this is an appropriate question for the Senator to address. Senator Carper can put this issue to rest with a statement identical to the ones his opponents made, above. Alternatively, he can describe any potentially disruptive medical condition(s) and trust the voters to make an informed decision. His third alternative is to stonewall this reasonable concern, which will give the issue more energy and destructive potential for his campaign and political legacy. Hopefully he will attend other debates where he will be asked this question – guaranteed. The question is can and will Senator Carper serve a full six-year term? If there is even a shadow of doubt, then a vote for Senator Tom Carper is a wasted vote.

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