Monday, July 25, 2011

Delaware GOP Chair: Obama Irresponsible for Rejecting Bi-Partisan Debt Limit Deal

WILMINGTON – Today, after it was reported that President Obama rejected a bipartisan debt ceiling plan that would have raised the debt ceiling and cut spending based on political purposes, Delaware Republican Party Chairman John Sigler released the following statement:

“President Obama’s willingness to put his re-election campaign ahead of the well-being of our nation is at the height of irresponsibility.  Rejecting a deal based solely on political expedience once again shows that our president is concerned about one thing, his own job,” said Chairman Sigler.

It has been widely reported that President Obama desperately wants a large debt limit increase that will take him past the next presidential election.

“President Obama was elected to lead our nation after a campaign of hope and change, but today shows that he is unwilling or unable to lead when it matters.  While our president drags his feet at the risk of our nation’s economy, Republicans under the leadership of Speaker Boehner will continue to work on a framework aimed at preventing default that includes enacting spending reforms and cuts greater than a debt limit hike,” concluded Chairman Sigler.

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